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Second International Bauhaus Summer School

The second international Summer School run by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites young students from various disciplines to take part in an idea contest held in from 21 to 30 July 2010. The format has been established successfully last summer, and will continue this year under the heading ‘Home is Everywhere’.

Based on Martin Wagner’s vision of a flexible living in the ‘Growing House’, the title of an exhibition held in 1932, the participants shall develop fantasies for a multi-local living in Dessau-Roßlau, they will work of the following themes: ‘Garden shead XXL’, ‘Home comforts on the move’, Boarding house’, and ‘Global home Platte’. The Summer School is aimed at students of architecture and town planning, but also of other disci-plines such as the humanities, mathematics, and art.

The Summer School fee of 300 Euro includes accommodation. For further information and en-rolment please visit or

Architects for Health Student Design Award 2010

invite architectural students to submit projects to be considered for the third annual Student Healthcare Design Award 2010. As in previous years any project relating to the design of a healthcare building can be submitted, however the 2010 competition introduces a greater emphasis on the sample brief – Designing for Death: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise and a specific prize will be awarded for the most successful response to the sample brief we have prepared.

For more details and registration, go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

Apomechanes 2010 studio in Athens this summmer

We’ve been featuring some really interesting projects from (check the projects by Aristides Antonas here), and here’s a seminar and workshop that certainly looks great.

Ahylo lab in collaboration with supermanoeuvre and kokkugia are pleased to announce the launch of the apomechanes 2010 studio (seminar and workshop) to be held in this summer, from the 19th of July till the 6th of August.

Apomechanes is an intensive 3-week computational design studio held each summer in Athens, Greece. The studio is devoted to furthering techniques and concepts of algorithmic processes as means for design and fabrication. Apomechanes brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study to discuss, exchange and collaborate on projects that investigate modes of algorithmic and machinic processes in architectural design.

You can see images of the projects from Apomechanes 2009 after the break, along with more information of the event.

Miami Civic Center 2010 Competition winners announced

First Prize

Results for the Civic Center 2010 Competition to design the new urban and civic center were announced recently. For complete honorable mentions and participants go to the competition’s official website. Winners after the break.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to Open October 28, 2010

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind, has announced that it will open its doors to the public on October 28, 2010, three weeks ahead of the second Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Grand Prix.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will pay tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today. Its iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 200,000 m² and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

More images, a video and information after the break. Seen at designboom.

International Ideas Competition for Urban Sea Level Rise

An international ideas competition SEA-CHANGE 2030+ has been launched by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). This is the world’s second urban sea level rise ideas competition and the first to invite active participation from both design professionals as well as tertiary and school students to tackle the effects of climate change.

The competition invites design proposals to either protect the city from rising Harbour water or to make modifications to the environment to ensure sea level rise does not adversely affect property, parks and open spaces.

Entries are due by June 30 and prize winners announced in late July. For complete information, visit the competition’s official website.

2010 Washington Unbuilt Awards Calls for Entry

The 2010 Washington UNBUILT Awards Program recognizes excellence in projects that to date remain unbuilt – theoretical, academic, and other unbuilt projects. Projects entered will be displayed and judged as part of the DesignDC conference in August 2010. This competition is conducted by the Washington Chapter/ and is conducted independently of other awards programs sponsored by the National American Institute of Architects and other components.

Digital submissions must be registered online at and received at the offices of the Washington Chapter/AIA between April 15 and June 30, 2010. Seen at Death by Architecture.

AD Round Up: Industrial Architecture Part III

Amazing projects from Chile, Venezuela, , Turkey, and Italy! It’s Industrial Architecture at it’s best. Check them all after the break.

Aonni Mineral Water Plant / Bebin & Saxton
Chilean Patagonia has a particularity that is distinguished and exclusively of that place: THE DETACHMENT. We can notice disunity, a separation of what was linked before, the surrounding elements live in constant alteration. This detachment produces cracks, isolations, torsions, new tensions. The glaciers detach from the massive ice fields, the trees get inclined by winds, the islands live separated from the land surrounded by water, and the geography is the result of energic erosions (read more…)

MaxMix Cities International Competition winners

First Prize / Asia / Jung Woo Oh

The International Competition “Celebration of Cities Maxmix Cities” winners were announced last year. Three projects from architecture students and three from architects were awarded in the three categories (W. Europe, E. Europe and Asia).

See the winners after the break.

Pamphlet Architecture 32 Call for Entries

By addressing the capacity to cope, the ability to bounce back, and the mitigation and management of risk, proposals are welcome that showcase a fresh understanding of the possibilities and opportunities of resilience in architecture, from the large to the small scale. Whether resilience stems from natural disaster, civil conflict, global warming, catastrophe, and so on, is the applicant’s discretion. Please visit the submission site for more details.

The winner will receive a prize of $2,500 and the opportunity to have their manuscript published by Princeton Architectural Press as 32. The registration fee is $25 for students and $50 for professionals. The winner will be announced in September 2010.

More information can be found here.

modeLab Scripting Parameters Workshop

modeLab will be conducting a Scripting Parameters Workshop in starting June 8. This workshop will introduce participants to the concepts and applications of parametric and scripted design logics in a fast-paced and hands-on learning environment.

The workshop will investigate iteration, evaluation, and algorithmic strategies in VB.NET within Grasshopper. Over five evening sessions and one weekend work session, participants will develop and prototype scripted design output in coordination with digital fabrication. Participants will gain a core understanding of the techniques and syntax of extending the functionality of Grasshopper through scripting in VB.NET.

As part of a larger online infrastructure, , this workshop provides participants with continued support and knowledge to draw upon for future learning. Attendance will be limited to provide each participant maximum dedicated time with instructors. For more information on this event, click here.

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© John Gollings

Here are some amazing projects from all over the world you may have missed last week. Also, our latest section: AD Classics! Check them all after the break.

The Mint / FJMT
The Mint Project is the transformation of one of Sydney’s oldest and most precious historical sites on Macquarie Street into a new meaningful public place formed and characterised as much by the carefully inserted contemporary buildings as the conserved and adapted heritage structures. It is a project that seeks to set a new and important benchmark for (read more…)

Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Competition winners

First Prize

The -Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is an unprecedented important strategic road corridor which links up three regions in the Pearl River Delta, . In mid 2009, Highways Department initiated to organize an International Design Ideas Competition. Results were announced this month.

See the winners after the break.

International Landscape Architecture Competition

Building designed by

The Leuphana University of Lueneburg invites landscape architects to re-design the existing 15ha Campus in conjunction with a proposed new key building designed by Daniel Libeskind.

The competition is a closed invitation process with 5 participants following an international open application procedure. The invited participants will be asked to submit a masterplan (deadline Sept 6, 2010) and also to make themselves available for a week in October to present and discuss the masterplan with students at the Leuphana Fresher’s week, as well as support groups of students in associated projects.

Deadline for application is June 1, 2010. For more information, click here.

Aviva Stadium opened Friday in Dublin

Aviva Stadium, , Ireland, designed as a result of a collaboration between global architects Populous and Dublin‐based architects, Scott Tallon Walker was officially opened Friday by An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, TD. Aviva Stadium, previously called the Lansdowne Road Stadium, hosted its first game of international rugby in 1878. The 50,000 seat stadium will be used for international rugby and soccer fixtures and as a concert and events venue.

Complete press release after the break.

Open Source 2010 International Seminar

In the different areas of human production, it is curious to note the constitution of global informal networks that work between themselves in a process of sharing and collaboration. From this perspective of creation process, Circo de Ideias – Associação Cultural presents at Suggia Room in Casa da Música, Porto, , Saturday, June 12 2010, the international seminar OPEN SOURCE, term coined on the definition of software in which original code is shared freely and that can be redistributed with or without modifications.

OPEN SOURCE proposes the reflection on the frontiers of contemporary creation with contributions from architecture, engineering, arts and mathematics. Composed by a set of guided tours, an exhibition, an international seminar and a publication, OPEN SOURCE counts with the special participation of Cecil Balmond, engineer that embodies this kind of thinking and inspires the realization event.

For more information, click here.

Mr. Visserplein / Bureau B+B

Bureau B+B shared with us their project Mr. Visserplein, a temporary facility for a square in , Netherlands. Mr. Visserplein is one of the most discussed open spaces in the center of , a politically difficult and historically sensitive spot. The current square is the result of a large number of accidental interventions in the past. Little remains of the original urban fabric.

More images and architect’s description after the break.

EEAE / ENHSA Architectural Theory Subgroup Workshop

The EAAE Subgroup on Architectural Theory, following its last workshop in Fribourg (CH) where the always ambivalent relation between technical practice, representation and theory has been challenged, focuses now on a topic that is of that constellation; the relations between digital/material and depth/surface.

There has been an important break in the polarity between depth and surface caused in contemporary architecture by the emergence of a new digital materiality and tactility. On a technical level, this is due to techniques of fabrication linking the design and representation process directly with fabrication, whereas in the level of perception and representation, it follows the aftermath of folding in architecture and its claim for a new continuity based on the abolishment of the traditional spatial dipoles (interior/exterior, up/down

For more information on the call for papers submission visit the event’s official website.