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Fallingwater On-Site Cottages Competition proposal / Wendell Burnette Architects

A couple of days ago we featured Saucier + Perrotte’s proposal for the Fallingwater On-Site Cottages Competition in Mill Run, , USA. Today, Wendell Burnette Architects | Michael Boucher Landscape Architecture shared with us their proposal, which received second place. More images and architect’s description after the break.

AD Round Up: Awarded Competitions Part III

It’s been a long time since our last Round Up on Awarded Competitions. So to finish this week, here’s our third selection. Check them all after the break.

Schmidt hammer lassen architects to design largest public library in Scandinavia
Our friends from SHL architects just sent us their new project. They won an international competition to design “Urban Mediaspace”, the largest public library in Scandinavia. The € 228 million scheme, located in Aarhus, Denmark, will become a new visual and cultural focal point for the city whilst pioneering the next generation of library design. SHL Architects’ innovative, 30.000 m2 scheme reassesses traditional concepts of library design (read more…)

Houses for Dogs

Paying homage to the Bauhaus design

They are supposed to be man’s best friend, so why not give them a house? With pet industry growing every year, could this be a new field for architects? With four designs (including a Bauhaus based one), your dog may now have all they ever wanted: a mansion.

Based in , a company named Best Friend’s HOME are providing this four types of mansions and even allow you to design your own. And the best thing, they have a worlwide delivery. Check the other three designs after the break.

AA Visiting School: University of Tehran

The AA Visiting School is a worldwide network organized by the Architectural Association School of Architecture in collaboration with each country they visit. They have conducted events and workshops all over the world including Beijing, Madrid, San Francisco, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Singapore among others. This time, from July 26 to August 6 they will visit the University of in Iran.

In recent years Iran has emerged as a cultural and economic hub within the Middle East; with its illustrious history in architecture it offers a fertile ground for research and investigation. Tehran, its capital city, has become a major laboratory for contemporary cultural production in terms of architecture. The Tehran Summer School will explore the potential of algorithmic design using simple elements.

More on the event with images of previous workshops after the break.

FlyingTeeth Hotel Design Competition

Are you an architect with a passion for design and a deep appreciation of a destination’s unique geographical character − its “sense of place”? In an effort to find “the architect,” FlyingTeeth is proud to announce its first ever Boutique Sustainable Hotel Design Competition.

It is FlyingTeeth’s long-term goal to develop a brand of boutique sustainable hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America. As they continue to build their team, they want to ensure the inclusion of only the most passionate and responsible individuals. When it comes to “the architect,” they are looking for someone who not only enjoys a team atmosphere but someone who is willing to work hand-in-hand with site planners and the design team they already have in place. If you think this is you, please submit a cover letter, resume and any supporting documents (i.e. a portfolio, recent designs, etc.) that may convince their team of your ability and authenticity. After review, if they find there is a match, they will notify you with an invitation to the competition.

More details on the competition’s official website. Seen at Bustler.

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part XI

Copyright© pedro kok -

After reaching more than 17,000 photos on our Flickr pool, we decided that choosing five each month was unfair to the hundreds of amazing pictures we receive. So starting today, we’re going to have a selection every two weeks! Happy? You can see our previous selections here. As always, remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features.

The picture above was taken by pedro kok in Barcelona, Spain. See the other four after the break.

FutureShack 2010 Call for Projects

FutureShack is a new way to think about residential architecture. It’s about how it works, not just how it looks. FutureShack creates a platform for dialogue between the public and design professionals. How can architecture help improve the quality of your city? Your neighborhood? Your home? How can you share your vision of living in the future?

It showcases creative responses to our changing lifestyles, across a wide range of building types, budgets, constraints and social agendas. Part debate about how we want to live, part recognition of innovative architecture, FutureShack is judged by a panel of both designers and engaged members of the public. FutureShack is a partnership with the Seattle Times, which will publish selected projects in Pacific Northwest Magazine. An evening of public discussion of the projects will be held at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.

For complete information go to FutureShack’s official website. Seen at Bustler.

Making Space 2010 Award

An international award and conference promoting innovation, creativity and sustainability in design for children and young people aged 0-18. Making Space 2010 is an international award supported by the Scottish Government and OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments. Submissions are invited from across the world for the most successful building or space (indoor or outdoor) for children and young people aged 0-18 (inclusive), completed between January 2005 and December 2010.

Entries are welcomed for any building or space that is for children and young people from schools to street furnishings, recreational or educational, rural or urban and should exemplify innovation and creativity in design as well as demonstrating a strong process of user participation and involvement. Entries are encouraged from anyone involved in the creation and use of a building or space, for example, architects, designers, structural engineers, urban designers, landscape designers, teachers, educators, users, children and young people, commercial developers, community groups, design consultancies.

For more information, click here. Seen at Architecture Week.

Fallingwater On-Site Cottages Competition proposal / Saucier + Perrotte architectes

Saucier + Perrotte architectes have shared with us their finalist proposal for the Fallingwater On-Site Cottages Competition in Mill Run, , USA. You can see more images and architect’s description after the break.

PLAT Journal call for submissions

PLAT is accepting submissions (projects, photographs, drawings, prints, media projects, essays) for its forthcoming 1.0 issue.

The qualities of the impostor can be traced through the notions of mirroring, imposing, and masquerading seen throughout the exploits of architecture. Double figuration, misalignments, cases of mistaken identity, and questions of legibility can lead to counterfeit architectures and false promises. But where there is a ‘fake,’ there is always something ‘real’ underneath– two for the price of one. What new potentials are generated by this doubling? In 1.0, you are invited to re-frame architecture (and other ventures) as an IMPOSTOR. To submit click here.

Seen at Death by Architecture.

Archiprix International 2011

Archiprix International is an international design competition, displaying the work of the world’s best graduates in architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture!

Organized by the Foundation, the 2011 host of MIT in conjunction with the Platform for Permanent Modernity, and sponsored by Hunter Douglas, Archiprix International invites schools to nominate their best graduation project of the past year and submit that project for consideration in the competition, as well as participate in a series of workshops and debates revolving around the topics critical to architectural discourse today.

All participating schools must register their best graduation project by August 1st, 2010 at the online registration site. For more information visit the competition’s official website.

SHIFTboston: Moon Capital Competition 2010

SHIFTboston is calling on architects, space-architects, scientists, engineers, urban designers, landscape designers, artists and futurists to submit their most provocative ideas for the moon. Think: WHAT IF this could happen on the moon? seeks to collect visions that will provoke thought on the moon as a new destination. We want radical ideas for new lunar elements such as rovers, growing pods, inflatable structures, and lunar habitats. How about a new moon culture? Competitors are encouraged to form teams in order to tackle multiple concepts.

Seen at ArchitectureWeek. More information on the competition’s official website.

AD Round Up: Retail Part III

Have yuo ever enter a store because of it’s design and not for what they sell? Probably yes. So to honor that great retail designs, here’s our third selection of previously featured Retail projects. Check them all after the break.

H&M Store in Barcelona / Estudio Mariscal
A design project aimed at creating excitement among the customers that go into the shop. Excitement at buying clothes and also to be shopping in a pleasant, comfortable, unique place. To make sure that the area is the setting for a pleasant, fun-filled experience. Second objective: that the clothes should find their own place, that the distribution of the shop should order the exhibition of the clothes and the routes (read more…)

Schindler Award 2010 Competition

Competition Site

The Schindler Award has the goal of improving access and overall mobility for all city dwellers, irrespective of their age, status or physical capabilities. To that end, it challenges young architects to think beyond form, light and materials and to focus on the needs of the people who will eventually inhabit the structures and spaces that they design.

The task this year is aimed at transforming a somewhat neglected area of the 1936 Olympic grounds into a pleasing, functional and fully accessible sport and leisure compound. Projects must be submitted by July 30. For more information visit the competition’s official website. Seen at bdonline.

MNBAQ expansion competition proposal / wHY architecture

wHY architecture shared with us their proposal for the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du (MNBAQ) international competition, which was won by OMA. See more images and architect’s description after the break.

The Loft of the Future, 2nd International Design Competition

The competition is organized by FAKRO Company and Stadslab European Urban Laboratory, Fontys University (Fontys Academy of Architecture and Urbanism) from Tillburg. The organizers are seeking unconventional concepts transcending the bounds of imagination which present fully functional spaces full of natural light.

FAKRO proSky roof window type will help to achieve the main aim of the competition. The main award in the competition is the participation in Stadslab European Urban Laboratory course Master Classes 2010, held this year in Georgia.

For more information, visit the competition’s official website. Seen at Architecture Week.

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Stéphane Chalmeau

It was a great week for ArchDaily, featuring amazing projects, some new sections, and some old you may have missed. Like our AD Photographers section featuring Stéphane Chalmeau. You can see all his photos here. Also, read about Frank Gehry vs LEED and one of our latest sections AD Classics, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. See other fantastic posts here:

“Lost” Architecture

Radzinsky builds a scale model of the geodome on a set of Swan blueprints

, perhaps one of the most popular TV shows of the last decade came to an end yesterday. You may or may not have seen the show, and you may or may not like it, but the truth is there was some fine “architectural” treasures. People at Arkinet thought so, so here’s what worth remembering. Images after the break.