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Daniel Libeskind to Receive the 2011 Medal of Honor from AIA New York

© Studio

Today the Chapter will award Daniel Libeskind, AIA, with the 2011 Medal of Honor. The 144th Annual Meeting, which is open to the public, will take place at the Center for Architecture. The Medal of Honor has been given to a member or firm for distinguished work and high professional standing. Beginning in 1917 this award is the highest honor and past recipients include Louis Skidmore (1949), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1958), Toshikio Mori (2005) and David Childs (2010).

For more information or to attend click here.

Kö-Bogen / Studio Daniel Libeskind

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Several hundred guests joined in a ceremony last Friday as he laid the foundation stone of  the Kö-Bogen building along with ’s Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers, investor Kurt Zech of Zech Group, and project developer Stefan H. Muehling.  The stainless steel foundation stone, designed by Libeskind, will be visibly integrated into the facade of the building.

The new 432,300 sqf mixed use building is scheduled for completion in 2013 will house both office and retail space in downtown Dusseldorf.  The design of Kö-Bogen intends to naturally blend landscape into the building space through geometry, permeated cuts in the facade, the green courtyards, and green roof system.   All of these elements are ‘part of a new environment that bridges urban space with park space’.

Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion / Zaha Hadid Architects

© Stefan Tuchila

Photographer Stefan Tuchila recently shared with us his images of the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects. Designed for Chanel the pavilion traveled all over the world, Hong Kong, Tokyo, until reaching it’s final stop at L’Institut du Monde Araba in .

Materials for the pavilion include: a façade constructed from fibre re-inforced plastic, the roof PVC, ETFE roof lights, the primary structure was created from 74t steel and has over 1752 different steel connections, and the secondary structure consists of aluminium extrusions.

Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Location: Paris, France
Client: Chanel; Chanel Mobile Art
Project Area: 29 x 45 m, a total of 700 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2010
Photographer: Stefan Tuchila

Braga Municipal Stadium / Eduardo Souto de Moura

© Leonardo Finotti

The Braga Municipal Stadium located in Portugal was designed by 2011 Pritzker Prize winner .  The ceremony for the Pritzker Prize (which we attended) was held just a few short weeks ago in .  Delivering a speech for the award winner, President Barack Obama spoke of Souto de Moura’s use of materials and attention to detail, specifically siting the Braga Municipal Stadium as “perhaps Eduardo’s most famous work” where he “took great care to position the stadium in such a way that anyone who couldn’t afford a ticket could watch the match from the surrounding hillside.”

Architects: Eduardo Souto de Moura
Location: Braga, Portugal
Project Year: 2003
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Clyde F. Barker Penn Transplant House / Rafael Viñoly Architects

© Ty Cole

The Clyde F. Barker Penn Transplant House designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects is the latest project in the ongoing partnership between PENN Medicine and Rafael Vinoly Architects. Today officially marks the completion of the transplant house, which is named after the physician who performed the first kidney transplant at the University of Pennsylvania in 1966. The building will offer comfortable, convenient accommodations in a supportive community setting and at a nominal cost.

Architects: Rafael Vinoly Architects
Location: , Pennsylvania,
Renderings: Courtesy of RVA
Photographs: Ty Cole

In Progress: Pharrell Williams Resource Center / Oppenheim Architecture + Design


The Pharrell Williams Resource Center is a design that represents the future for youth centers.  The treehouse concepts aims to inspire future generations through architecture providing a place where kids can escape and imagine.  A unique combination of architect of Oppenheim Architecture + Design and musical impressario Pharrell Williams they are hoping that this youth center will set a new standard for the way the world builds for its future.  “We’re creating an environment to house creativity,” said Chad about his design. “Pharrell is a visionary renaissance man, and this center is a reflection of his passion for education and natural design sensibility.”  The PWRC is slated for completion by 2013.

Video: MuCEM / Rudy Ricciotti

Overlooking the Port of Marseille in the Fort Saint-Jean the MuCEM, was designed by Rudy Ricciotti. This major cultural project is dedicated to the cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean, housing collections of the former Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions in the Bois de Boulogne alson with collections from the Museum of Man in ’ Europe department.

The video by Exmagina was shot at the beginning of May, 2011 for DUMEZ Mediterranean. The music accompaniment is Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7.

Construction: Méditterannée Dumez / Freyssinet

Update: The MuCEM inauguration will take place this week. Our friends from Lafarge, whose products were used in the construction of the museum, shared with us some photographs of the finished museum. See them after the break.

Green Homes and Sustainable Communities Conference

Hosting the 6th Annual Green Homes and Sustainable Communities Conference, the city of will bring together a variety of individuals from financiers and policy makers to developers and technical experts all focused on redefining affordable housing and community development. In addition to the symposium’s national focus, this year’s event will highlight some of the Gulf Coast’s most innovative green affordable housing projects. The Green Homes and Sustainable Communities Conference will be next month, July 14th and 15th, further details can be found here.

Video: West 57th / BIG

YouTube Preview Image

West 57th, BIG’s design of a New York apartment building for client Durst Fetner Residential, takes shape in model form in this video. On display at the Museum of Modern Art, the model is part of Living: Frontiers of Architecture III-IV exhibition. The exhibition which opened the first of this month and will run through October 2nd ‘is full of impressions and insights into the multiple ways we live in the world today’.

Solberg Tower & Rest Area / Saunders Architecture

© Bent Rene Synnevaag

is a green, flat and calm piece of South and a traditional stopover for travellers on the route to and from Sweden. In 2004, the Norwegian Highway Department together with the Regional Government approached Saunders for a new project in the area; uniquely however, without having predetermined the commission’s particular needs.

Architects: Saunders Architecture
Location: Sarpsborg, Østfold, Norway
Project Area: 2,000 sqm
Project Year: September 2010
Photographs: Bent Rene Synnevaag

Video: A Conversation with Frank Gehry

This video by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation features an hour long conversation with . Discussing topics ranging from characteristics of a good client to his current Guggenheim project in Abu Dhabi we hope you enjoy listening to Gehry’s responses to these questions and more.

In Progress: Interboro Partners’ “Holding Pattern” P.S.1 Installation Underway

Courtesy of Interboro Partners

The community based winning design for the 2011 Young Architects Program at the P.S.1, “Holding Pattern” by Interboro Partners, shared photographs of the installations canopy raising which took place last Thursday at .  The New York firm, formed by Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore, were able to creatively accomplish the design within the Young Architects Program’s budget and program requirements, stretching the funds to essentially serve two purposes; as the materials will be recycled, donating the objects such as ping pong tables, benches, and flood lights, to the community at the end of the installation.  ”Holding Pattern” will welcome visitors beginning June 19th.

In Progress: Student Apartment Studios in Paris / OFIS

Courtesy of OFIS

The Student Apartment Studios in Paris by OFIS involves designing a dormitory with 180 studios on the site of the Stade de Ladoumègue in Paris’s 19th district. Currently in construction phase the dormitory is part of an urban development done by Reichen & Robert architects.  Scheduled for completion for the end of 2011 the Student Apartment Studio in Paris will coordinate with the Paris tram which will open in early 2012.

Architects: OFIS arhitekti
Location: Rue des Petits Ponts, 19th district, Paris, France
Design Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Robert Janez, katja Aljaz, Andrej Gregoric, Javier Carrera, Janez Martincic
Client: Competition Sponsor and Patron, Regie Immobiliere de la Ville de Paris
Project Area: 931 sqm
Project Year: 2008 – 2011

Update: National Library of France / Dominique Perrault

© Franck Bohbot

Previously featured here on ArchDaily as one of our AD Classics, the National Library of by was built in hopes to be the most modern library in the world. The competition of 1989 that included projects from 244 internationally renowned architects was won by Dominique Perrault, who was only 36 years old. Photographer Franck Bohbot recently shared with us an extremely rare glimpse of the National Library, with a completely empty interior.

Sugar Dock, Jacksons Landing / FJMT

© Andrew Chung courtesy of

Sugar Dock provides 132 residential units, associated communal open space and underground car parking. The design of the development seeks to complement and respond to its urban context characterized by its relationship to large scale elements such as the Harbour, the working dockyards, silos and the Anzac Bridge as well as the immediate topography and the streetscape of Jacksons Landing.

Architects: FJMT
Location: Sydney,
Project Area: 16506 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: John Gollings, Andrew Chung

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office / OMA

Photos by Philippe Ruault courtesy OMA

The design by OMA for the new McKinsey & Company office caters to the consulting firm’s need for a more intimate space that offers a greater sense of collaboration and community.  McKinsey confronted OMA with the following design question: How to rethink their work space in a way that is innovative and enhances the McKinsey experience?

Architects: OMA
Location: Hong Kong,
Client: McKinsey & Company
Project Year: May 2011
Photographs: Photos by Philippe Ruault courtesy OMA

Video: Projects by Eduardo Souto de Moura

YouTube Preview Image

was awarded the just last week (our coverage of the ceremony here). This video takes a look inside Souto de Moura’s office in Porto and the surrounding city including his Burgo Tower which has become a landmark.  Also taking a look at scale the video displays a wide variety of his work throughout Portugal in varying scales from a single family home to the Braga Stadium.

SANAA Announces Plans for Paris’ La Samaritaine Restoration


2010 Pritzker Prize winning SANAA has released renderings to convert La Samaritaine department store in into a mixed-use development. Commissioned by LVMH (client/developer) the architectural concept for the project expresses above all the ambition to restore the La Samaritaine, recognizing the significance of the building and the role the restoration will play in the revitalization of the neighborhood as a whole.  The project is schedule to begin July of next year.