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Piranesi Prix de Rome awarded to JLCG Arquitectos

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The Piranesi Prix de Rome 2010 International Prize has been awarded to the Musealization of the Archaeological Site of Praça Nova of São Jorge Castle designed by architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça of JLCG Arquitectos.

The jury was chaired by Angelo Torricelli and included Francesco Dal Co, Amedeo Schiattarella, Luca Basso Peressut, Romolo Martemucci, Lucio Altarelli, Luigi Spinelli and Pier Federico Caliari.

This project was selected among 18 nominations, works of Rafael Moneo, Gigon & Guyer, Vasquez Consuegra, Paredes & Pedrosa. The architect successfully recognized a need for “proving an enormous clearness in the quality of the adopted solution, both in the physical relation between architecture and archaeology and in the relation between volumetric intervention and the landscape”.

The Piranesi Prix de selects the architectural design that is at the forefront of contemporary solutions, focusing on the principle of archaeological heritage. It also tries to highlight the emergent nature of project research, based in the physical relation between archaeology and the contemporary landscape.

Carrilho da Graça will receive this prize on December 1st.

Veer Towers / Murphy/Jahn

© Rainer Viertlboeck

Murphy Jahn approached the Veer Towers design with the intention of exhibiting urban responsibility, paying particular attention to the building’s performance in terms of function and systems. The larger challenge was to make the project an integral part of Las Vegas but also to give its buildings and spaces a unique and strong identity. Following the break are photographs and description about this 2010 Certified building.

Architects: Murphy Jahn
Location: Las Vegas, , United States
Lead Designers: Helmut Jahn & Francisco Gonzalez Pulido
Associate Architect: AAI Architects Inc
Structural Engineer: Halcrow Yolles
MEP: Flack + Kurtz Inc.
Client: MGM Mirage Design Group
Project Area: 841,844 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographer: Rainer Viertlboeck

Omnipolis / Hantabal Architekti & AFR

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The Omnipolis administrative building incorporates itself into the previously existing Omnia Campus in Slovakia. Challenged by a rather limiting site, including height restrictions, Hantabal Architekti teamed up with to design a building that is expressive through its rich colors and horizontal repetition. Follow the break for photographs and drawings.

Architects: Hantabal Architekti & AFR
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Project Team: Hantabal Juraj, Frecer Miroslav, Kostrian Jan
Client & Partners: Omnia Real
Project Area: 15,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Hantabal Architekti

Lolita / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman

Lolita is not just another roadside restaurant off a busy interstate – a rare species within the prestigious restaurant world.  With the  focus on versatile design, thoughtfully created a flexible space capable of setting itself up as a scenario for almost any type of activity.

Follow the break for photographs, drawings, and further description.

Architects: Langartia Navarro Arquitectos
Location: Km 45 A-122, La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza,
Project Architects: María Langarita and Víctor Navarro
Collaborators: Marta Colón, Cristina Garzón, Roberto González, Juan Palencia, Julia Urcoli
Structures: Mecanismo S.L.
Mechanical: Inés Plaza
Surveyor: Fernando Cornago
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman

Arena Stage / Bing Thom Architects

© Nic Lehoux

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater doubles the company’s previous facilities.  The design by Bing Tom Architects included restoring two historic theaters, Fichandler and Kreeger,  and adding a new experimental theater, Kogod Cradle.  A wood and glass structure encase all three theaters topped by a sculptural and dramatic cantilevered roof.  Bing Thom Architects thoughtful site design has turned this project into a catalyst in the SW Washington community spurring redevelopment with in the surrounding areas.

Architects: Bing Thom Architects
Location: , United States
Principal: Bing Thom, Michael Heeney
Project Director: James Brown
Project Team: Brian Ackerman
, John Camfield, 
Venelin Kokalev, Ling Meng, Michael Motlagh, Francis Yan, Harald Merk, Berit Wooge, Bibianka Fehr, Dan Du, Nicole Hu, Robert Sandilands, Bonnie Thom
, Amirali Javidan, 
Shinobu Homma, 
Derek Kaplan, 
Marcos Hui, Rose Chung
Acoustical Engineer: Talaske
Theater Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates
Structural Engineer: Fast & Epp
Electrical Engineers: Stantec, in association with Vanderweil Engineers
Mechanical Engineers: Yoneda & Associates
Mechanical Design/Build: Southland Industries
Code Consultant: LMDG in association with Koffel Associates
Glazing Consultant: RA Heintges & Associates
Lighting Design: William Lam
Civil Engineers: Wiles Mensch Corporation
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Construction Manager: KCM, Paeonian
Client: Arena Stage
Project Area: 200,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Nic Lehoux, Courtesy of

Y-house / IDEA Office

© Kouichi Torimura

coordinated with the clients of Y-house to develop a design that successfully incorporates solar access to all parts of the house, connecting to the surrounding environment through outdoor spaces that enhanced the feeling of openness all while maintaining privacy.  Follow the break for photographs and drawings of Y-house.

Architects: IDEA Office
Location: Saitama,
Project Credits: Eric Kahn and Russell Thomsen, Partners, with Ron Golan
Project Team: Adrian Ariosa, Keith Gendel, Rinaldo Perez
Associate Architect: Masao Yahagi & Associates
Project Area: 1050 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photography: Kouichi Torimura

Archeological Interpretation Center / Norvia

© Nelson Garrido

Careful attention was paid to how a visitor would access the building, therefore it is limited to only a winding pedestrian pathway aimed to observe the site and buildings relationship with the extraordinary Tua River valley. Located in , the Archeological Interpretation Center camouflages itself within the landscape while providing the necessary reception of visitors.

More about this project including photographs following the break.

Architects: Norvia-Consultores de Engenharia SA
Location: Murca, Portugal
Lead Designer: Paulo Alexandre Gomes Fernandes
Engineering: Norvia-Consultores de Engenharia SA
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Siki Im Concept Store / Leong Leong

© Pete Deevakul

Building Fashion at HL23 along with PIN-UP design magazine recently unveiled their final installation in celebration of cutting edge design in . Avant-garde newcomer Siki Im displays the clothing embedded beneath a layer of foam, ‘reinforcing the dichotomy of two environments – public and private, visible and invisible’.  This stand-alone retail installation is the first of its kind.

The design by architects Leong Leong will be on display through today.

Architects: Leong Leong
Location: 504 W. 24th Street, City, , United States
Principals in Charge: Dominic Leong and Chris Leong
Project Team: Brandt Graves, Danny Thai, Ji Won Lee, Patrick Delorey, Scott Sorenson, Suemin Jeon, Tiffany Lee, Tracy Coffin, Andre Koschmieder, Lulu Saleh
Builder: Leong Leong
Fabrication: Tietz-Baccon, LLC
Sponsor: Building Fashion presented by BOFFO and Spilios Gianakopolous with PIN-UP Magazine and Project No. 8
Project Area: 800 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Pete Deevakul and David B Smith

University of Chicago – South Campus Chiller Plant / Murphy/Jahn

© Rainer Viertlboeck

The project for a new chiller plant at the University of provided the opportunity to design for function, performance, materials, construction while simultaneously considering how the technical equipment could be displayed as if it were a piece of art. The resulting expression of the South Campus Chiller Plant is a modern celebratory display of technical equipment. As the utility equipment is exposed, other elements of construction remain “uncovered” – concrete walls and floors, structure, ducts, light fixtures, and pipes.

The University of Chicago – South Campus Chiller Plant received the 2009 AIA Chicago Chapter Award, the 2008 Chicago Architecture Foundation Patron of The Year Award, and the 2008 Midwest Construction’s Best Award.

Architects: Murphy Jahn
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Client: University of Chicago
Lead Designer: Helmut Jahn
Structural Engineer: Burns & McDonnel, Werner Sobek Engineering & Design
MEP: Burns & McDonnel , Primera
Project Area: 26,400 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Rainer Viertlboeck

Ohio State University – Student Academic Services / Acock Associates Architects

© Matthew Carbone

A main gateway to The State University campus in , , the once 400-car surface parking lot has been transformed into the Student Academic Services building with a connected nine deck parking garage.  The new Student Academic Services building houses the following:  Student Financial Aid, Testing Center, Office of Minority Affairs, Registrar’s Office, Bursar’s Office and other admission services.

More after the break.

Architect: Acock Associates Architects
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Landscape Architect: MSI
Civil Engineer: Columbus Engineering Consultants, Inc
Structural Engineer: Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk & Desman Associates
MEP Engineer: Heapy Engineering, Inc
FF&E: Interior Space
Client: The Ohio State University
Project Area: Student Academic Services 127,400 sqf / Lane Avenue Parking Garage 449,160 sqf
Photography: Matthew Carbone

Simed Health Care Group / DHV Architects

© René de Wit

The new head office for Simed Health Care Group, designed by , received the Audience Award of the Rietveldprijs 2009. The building provides a new dynamic work environment for the employees, and is capable of storing medical equipments.
The main building is split into two sections, office and business hall. Designed as robust uniform spaces, the building responds to the adjacent existing hospital and Midden Weteringand. After the break are more photographs and drawings of this award winning design.

Architect: DHV Architects
Location: Utrecht,
Principal Architect: Roel Brouwers
Structural Engineer: DHV B.V.
Building Systems Engineer: DHV B.V.
Architectural Lighting: Har Hollands
Contractor: Korteweg Bouw (Civil), BAM Installatietechniek (Electrical), Warmtebouw Utrecht (Mechanical)
Client: Simed Health Care Group
Project Area: 7,000 sqm
Project Year: 2005 – 2008
Photographs: René de Wit

Z-Top / C-Lab

© Naho Kubota

and Jeffrey Inaba recently collaborated with , with support from LIMN Architects and Design Compendium, to design a dinner table for 60 guests. This charity fund raising event was hosted in New York’s Park Avenue Armory, a rare Louis Comfort Tiffany interior.

The design required sixty linear feet of table surface in a slim thirty-five feet of available floor space. C-Lab creatively designed the Z-Top, not just fitting with in the spatial constraints, but also developing an immediate interaction among guests, prompting more informal discussion areas between courses, and cutting down the overall distance between diners.

We interviewed Jeffrey Inaba, and discussed C-Lab as an experimental research unit at Columbia University, his book “World of Giving” and research on altruism.

More following the break.

Architects: C-Lab
Location: New York City, New York, United States
Director: Jeffrey Inaba
Project Designer: Simon Battisti
Project Team: Justin Fowler, Nathalie Janson, Amanda Shin, Leah Whitman-Salkin, Jeffrey Yip
Photography: Naho Kubota

1999 K Street / Murphy/Jahn

© Rainer Viertlboeck

The recipient of the 2010 Washington Building Congress – Craftsmanship Award, 1999 K Street aims to provide a work environment in that is responsive to its urban surroundings. Murphy Jahn approached this design focused on filling each work space with natural light. The result is a simple, efficient and sustainable building. 1999 K Street received Certification in 2009.  Follow the break for more photographs and the architects description about the design.

Architects: Murphy Jahn
Location: Washington DC, United States
Lead Designer: Helmut Jahn
Associate Architect: WDG Architecture
Structural Engineer: Tadjer Cohen Edelson
Special Structures: Werner Sobek Ingenieure
MEP: GHT Limited
Client: Vornado / Charles E. Smith
Project Area: 309,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographer: Rainer Viertlboeck

Marina + Beach Towers / Oppenheim Architecture + Design

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This mixed-use project, Marina + Beach Towers by Oppenheim Architecture + Design, suggests a fluidity that merges sky and water, responding to the built environment and  the landscape.  A shifted repetition happens within the tower, developing a woven tapestry on the facade.  The units are based on a standard module, and their thoughtful placement within the tower provides beautiful views and natural light, while simultaneously providing critical protection from the intense sun. After the break you will find drawings, diagrams, and renderings of this project.

Architects: Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Credits: Chad Oppenheim, Kevin Heidorn, Kevin McMorris, Sebastian Velez, Carl Römer, Santhosh Shanmugam, Juan Lopez, Robert Moehring, Manuel Morales, Constanza Collarte, Jose Ortez, Fitz Murphy, Carolina Jaimes, Jessica Santaniello Barrera, Josh Sacks, and Gianpaolo Pietri
Consultants: AREX Consultants
Landscape Architect: Green Concepts
Acoustical: Cerami Associates
MEP/FP: X-nth, Ian Banham & Associates
Structural Engineering: Ysrael A. Seinuk (YAS)
Wind Tunnel Test: Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc
Project Area: 2,648,850 sqf
Project Year: Estimated completion 2012
Renderings: Luxigon and Dbox

Henry Point / Michael Flowers Architect & farm research and design

© Larry Conboy

Located on a hillside property overlooking , the Henry Point project is a 830 sqf loft addition and intensive reprogramming of an existing lake cabin in northern . The project connects visitors of family and friends to the surrounding landscape through a series of decks and operable facades that create large indoor/outdoor gathering spaces as well as two independent living areas.

Follow the break for more photographs, drawings, and text about this loft addition by Michael Flowers Architect.

Architects: Michael Flowers Architect & farm research and design
Location: Hayden Lake, Idaho, United States
Project Team: Michael Flowers and Judson Moore
Construction: Doric Creager
Project Area: 830 sqf
Project Year: 2008-2010
Photographs: Larry Conboy

Muurikuja 1 Housing / ARK-house Architects

© Jussi Tiainen

Muurikuja 1 Housing does not attempt to be in harmony with its multifaceted context. The facades collage of colors, reds, oranges, greens, and yellows stand out against the black wall backdrop. The new social housing block is situated amidst the existing industrial and office building construction, along with desolate prefabricated housing from 1990.

After the break are more photographs and drawings of this new housing block by .

Architects: ARK-house Architects
Location: , Finland
Client: The Helsinki Housing Production Department
Project Area: 8,630 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Artist: Martti Aiha
Photographs: Jussi Tiainen

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin / Oppenheim Architecture + Design


The Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin located in ’s is an extension of a predominant Paris gallery.  The renovation and addition by Oppenheim Architecture + DesignThe Miami gallery is an extension of a predominant Paris gallery. The design intention was to maintain the buildings original 1950s character, maximizing exhibition space, while simultaneously integrating the mechanical systems in an inconspicuous manner.  The gallery will serve not only as an exhibition space but also as a residence for the gallery owner and as a living space for visiting artists. Photographs, and drawings along wiht a further description about the Galerie following the break.

Architects: Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Location: Design District, Miami, Florida
Project Team: Chad Oppenheim, Juan Calvo, Leslie Abraham, and Carolina Jaimes
Client: G.E.P. LLC
Landscape Architect: Rosenberg Design
Consultants: Vidal and Associates, Cornerstone Engineering
General Contractor: Jack Green
Project Area: 14,000 sqf renovation and 3,000 sqf addition
Project Year: 2006 (renovation)
Renderings: Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Photos: Ken Hayden

Video: Ark Hotel

YouTube Preview Image

Only in could we find a video featuring the construction of the 15 story Ark Hotel built in 6 days.  Located in  this building is level 9 earthquake resistant and incorporates some sustainable practices.