Karen Cilento

Ponte Parodi / UNStudio

© UNStudio

This month, UNStudio’s Ponte Parodi, a waterfront design for , , will be presented at the MAPIC in Cannes as one of the most iconic waterfront developments currently being realized.  The harbor project is part of a larger vision to revitalize the entire waterfront area, and merge the local urban and economic fabric to create a point of interest for ’s varied waterfront users.  The juxtaposition of varied circulation typologies creates an innovative extension for the city center which not only organizes the position of the program, but also optimizes pedestrian flows within and atop the building.

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The Mobius: Portal to the Point / Weiss/Manfredi

© Weiss/Manfredi. Aerial Perspective

Our friends from Weiss/Manfredi have shared their Portal to the Point Design Ideas Exploration proposal, a project exploring the connection between city and the environment for Point State Park in the City of , .  Currently, Point State Park, which is located at the geographic epicenter of , does not take advantage of its potential to bridge the city, which is built on industrial accomplishments, with the river banks of the Allegheny and the Monogahela, both of which have granted a prosperous ecological history. Weiss/Manfredi’s proposal attempts to stitch the city and its river banks together with a new brigde typology, a Mobius Pathway that is “not about the singular act of connecting two disparate parts, but about the comprehensive connectivity of a larger network.”

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Brooklyn Night Bazaar / JDS


 Just in time for the holidays, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar will return to a warehouse the 15th through 17th of December.  The Bazaar will re-imagine the sights, sounds and smells of traditional markets and will be filled with independent vendors selling artwork, accessories, and furniture, along with great music and food. Our friends from Danish firm JDS will be designing the master plan for the Bazaar and different furniture pieces after the firm captured the attention of the Bazaar organizers with their innovative ski jump in Norway.  

More about the bazaar after the break.

Update: Construction Stopped on Elbe Philharmonic / Herzog and de Meuron

© Karen Cilento

When we spotted the news on ArchRecord of a major delay for the , our hearts sank a little. We’ve been covering the building extensively during its construction period and have anxiously been awaiting its completion (a date that was pushed from 2010 to 2012, and, now, is uncertain).  Yet, technical difficulties pertaining to the saddle roof structure are creating a tangle between the German contractor Hochtief and the Elbe Philharmonic, leading Hochtief to stop work on the glass facade, the steel roof support structure, the 82m-long escalator and the building services.

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Update: ABI October

October via Calculated Risk

It seems that the has bounced back a bit from its sharp drop in September.  A month ago, the ABI measured 46.9 – a score nearly 5 points lower than August – yet, this month, the AIA has reported the October ABI at 49.4   While the score shows a positive leap forward since September, any billings index below 50 still reflects a negative showing.   However, the new projects inquiry index seems to be this month’s silver lining as it jumped to 57.3 for October.

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Update: BOFFO Building Fashion / The Lake & Stars + SOFTLab

The Lake & Stars + SOFTLab. Photographed by Evan Joseph.

For their joint BOFFO expression, SOFTLab has designed an awesome kaleidoscope to highlight the collection of The Lake & Stars.  The collaborative fashion + architecture installation marks the fourth of five temporary exhibitions (be sure to view our coverage of the previous three) and began its two week run this past Friday.  Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman’s ultra feminine collection embodies a broader view of lingerie as a fashion expression, and, when teamed with Michael Szivos’ edgy display, the line offers a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

More images and more about the designers after the break.

Update: Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building / Preston Scott Cohen


Preston Scott Cohen’s office sent us drawings of his  to add to the images of the recently opened museum we shared earlier in the week. Preston Scott Cohen explained, “Conceptually, the Amir Building is related to the Museum’s Brutalist main building (completed 1971; Dan Eytan, architect).  At the same time, it also relates to the larger tradition of Modern architecture in Tel Aviv, as seen in the multiple vocabularies of Mendelsohn, the Bauhaus and the White City.The gleaming white parabolas of the façade are composed of 465 differently shaped flat panels made of pre-cast reinforced concrete. Achieving a combination of form and material that is unprecedented in the city, the façade translates Tel Aviv’s existing Modernism into a contemporary and progressive architectural language.”

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Update: Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building / Preston Scott Cohen

© Amit Geron

Over the past year, we’ve been following the development and early construction of ’s Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building.  The 195,000 square ft building has recently been completed and now, the museum is open to the public.   The $55 million Herta and Paul Amir Building will provide the space needed to permanently display one of the world’s largest collections of Israeli art.  From its earlier beginning in 2002, Preston Scott Cohen’s proposal has been further developed and refined, culminating in the strong geometric aesthetic typical of Cohen’s design ideas.   Paul Amir, a philanthropist who, with his wife Herta, has provided the naming gift for the building, stated, “We feel privileged to have been able to advance the work of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, an institution that is truly at the heart of Israel’s creative community. With this exceptional building by Preston Scott Cohen, and with the ability to showcase the work of Israel’s artists as never before, the Museum now has the potential to step up to a prominent new role on the international scene, to the benefit of everyone.”

Check out more photos and learn more about the opening after the break. 

2012 United States Best Architecture Schools

Milstein Hall at Cornell University / OMA © Matthew Carbone

James Cramer and the Greenway Group have just released the 13th edition of DesignIntelligence, a compilation of different for accredited architecture schools in the United States.   The report attempts to create a level playing ground upon which to rank the universities by polling thousands of students, talking to deans and administrators, interviewing successful designers in private practices, and visiting each university campus.  While the findings may raise some debate, overall, the report creates a dialogue as to how, and to what extent, higher education responds to the changing demands of our profession.  We will be focusing on key aspects of the report throughout the following weeks such as regional for accredited universities, an interesting deans’ survey, a selection of top educators, and even charts featuring award-wining firms and their graduate affiliations.  And, to begin, let’s introduce the top 10 undergraduate and graduate Architecture Programs of 2012.

Check out the list after the break.

Moroccan Court / New Galleries at the MET / Achva Benzinberg Stein

© The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art ‘New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia’ with Achva Stein on its opening day.  Stein, a principal of an ASLA award-winning landscape architecture and design firm Benzinberg Stein Associates and the founding Director of the Graduate program in Landscape Architecture at the Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of , was asked to join the ’s endeavors after her noted publication, Morocco: Courtyards and Gardens, showcased her passion for and understanding of the country’s varied garden types found in regions such as Marrakech and Fez.  For the new wing, Stein has created a fantastic 14th century Maghrebi-Andalusian-style courtyard that goes beyond a mere representation, and truly infuses the spirit and essence of a Moroccan court into a small interior space of the MET.

More about our trip to the MET after the break.

Acoustic Composition / Nicolas Dorval-Bory + Raphaël Bétillon

© Dorval-Bory + Bétillon

Nicolas Dorval-Bory & Raphaël Bétillon have recently been awarded second prize for their design of a hotel in Jurmala, Latvia.  The duo may sound familiar, as last year, we featured their artificial landscape of clouds which created an experiential journey along the banks of the Garonne in Toulouse.  For their latest project, Dorval-Bory and Bétillon have studied the relationship between the city and music and sound, to experiment with a gradation from the most structured musical composition to nature’s acoustic chaos by way of an architectural point of view.

More about the hotel design after the break.

Update: Spaceport America / Foster + Partners

© Nigel Young

In the summer of 2009, we shared Foster + Partners and URS Corporation spaceport project in New Mexico. The structure, which is the first in history, will host commercial operations by private space travel companies, such as Virgin Galactic. Today, we are sharing an update of the project as the Spaceport enjoyed its dedication ceremony a few days ago. Designed to meet LEED certification, The 110,000-plus square foot facility will feature energy-efficient techniques such as earth-tubes that will pre-condition the air to reduce HVAC costs by 50-70%. The architects explained, “The sinuous shape of the building in the landscape and its interior spaces seek to capture the drama and mystery of space flight itself, articulating the thrill of space travel for the first space tourists.”


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Eames: The Architect and the Painter

YouTube Preview Image

Check out this trailer for what promises to be an awesome documentary on the Eames.  This painter and architect duo carved their niche into the history of design, beginning with their famed lounge chair and ottoman, continuing with graphic design, photography, architecture, and visionary ideas for companies such as Westinghouse, Boeing and Polaroid.  Directed by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey, the documentary will run in at the IFC Center on  November 18, and will have its broadcast premiere December 19 as part of the PBS American Masters series.   Narrated by James Franco, is the first film dedicated to these creative geniuses and their work.  As the clip explains, ”They [The Eames] were introducing people to look at the world differently.” Enjoy!

The Patient Gardener / Visiondivision


During the week-long MIAW2 workshop by Politecnico di Milano, Visiondivision served as guest professors and worked closely with students to generate new ideas about the essence of green design in terms of, resilience, recycling, and ethical consciousness. For the workshop, the architects constructed a study retreat on campus where the final result can be enjoyed in 60 years.  With patience as the main key for the design, “we can reduce the need for transportation, waste of material and different manufacturing processes, simply by helping nature grow in a more architectonic and useful way,” explained the architects.

More about the project after the break. 

Mob-ile Parliament / Andrew Maynard

© Maynard. Debate

Australia-based Andrew Maynard has shared a new type of governmental building with us with a project that is as much a statement about pushing the realm of architecture forward, as it is a reaction to political happenings and the need for change.  This adaptable architecture builds upon the irony of a democracy where elected representatives supposedly represent the voice of the people, yet, the occupied governmental spaces are “fortified and spatially manipulated to the benefit of the representative rather than those represented.”  By allowing the represented to interact with the spatial qualities of the representatives,  Maynard’s mobile and adaptable structure becomes a ” democratic architecture.”

More images and more about the project after the break. 

Update: BOFFO Building Fashion / Patrik Ervell + Graham Hudson

Photograph by Evan Joseph

We’ve been taking you through the two week installations at the BOFFO Building Fashion event, and this week marks the third installation by Patrik Ervell + Graham Hudson. It is quite remarkable to see the transformation that takes place at 57 Walker Street every few days (remember how last time, the fashion and architecture pair Irene Neuwirth + Marc Fornes / TheVeryMany resulted in a crazy atmosphere of organic metallic forms dancing across the room?). Now, visitors will experience a space with crumbling walls, rubble, scaffold and re-bar designed by Hudson in response to the Ervell’s design brand of innovative materials and unconventional application throughout his collections. “Overall, the environment that has been created where destruction —the decay and the beautiful—are transformed into art and design, both literally and figuratively,” explained BOFFO.

More about the designers and the installation after the break.

Update: ABI September

September via Calculated Risk

The AIA just reported September’s Architecture Billings Index measuring 46.9, a sharp drop since August’s 51.4.  Such a low index reflects a decrease in demand for design services, and the new projects inquiry index was 54.3, down from a reading of 56.9 the previous month.  “It appears that the positive conditions seen last month were more of an aberration,” said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “The economy is weak enough at present that design activity is bouncing around more than usual; one strong month can be followed by a weak one. The economy needs to be stronger to generate sustained growth in design activity.”  Regional averages place the Midwest first with as score of 51.0, with the Northeast following at 50.8, South at 47.3 and West at 46.7.  As we’ve been seeing, the commercial/industrial sector is leading with 52.4.


Archtober / Architecture and Design Month

Architecture has taken over the month of October (or, should we say Archtober) in as the city’s Architecture and Design Month provides scores of activities, programs and exhibitions throughout the month.  The program, which runs out of The Center for Architecture, seeks to raise awareness about the important role of design in our daily lives, and to celebrate ’s richness of such a built environment.  This week on ’s calendar of events, we are looking forward to the beginning of the Architecture & Design Film Festival at Tribeca Cinema (featuring 31 varied films!) and Architecture for Humanity’s Design Like You Give a Damn lecture later in the week. National Design week starts up on Sunday and there’s an interesting lecture about the history of urban waterfronts next Thursday.  Plus, be sure to check out a walking tour of the September 11 and Irish Hunger Memorials on Sunday, the 30, and to round out the month, how about a Halloween parade at the Center for Architecture.  In addition to the events, every day of the month has an associated “Building of the Day”.   We spotted some ArchDaily favorites on the list that you may want to tour such as 41 Cooper Square (October 20); The Highline (October 22); New Amsterdam Pavilion (October 23); Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (October 25); and The Standard Hotel (October 28).

So, if you are finding yourself with a craving for architecture – whether it be films, lectures, or built structures – be sure to take full advantage of the varied offerings of Archtober.