Jesse Ganes

AD Classics: Everson Museum / I.M. Pei

© Jesse Ganes

With a collection focused largely on American art and ceramics, the Everson Museum exists as a structure that is more than just a vault for art. Designed in 1968 by , the structure sought to simultaneously challenge the traditional museum typology through its innovative form while also existing as an object of modern art in its own right. Pei conceived the Everson as an open structure with access to its interior from all of its exposed sides.


Carl J. Shapiro Science Center / Payette

© Warren Jagger Photography

Architect: Payette
Location: , MA
Contractor: John Moriarty & Associates
Project Area: 137,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Warren Jagger Photography

Truro Residence / ZeroEnergy Design

© Eric Roth Photography

Architect: ZeroEnergy Design
Location: Truro,
Consultants: Silvia & Silvia, Light Th!s, Venegas and Company, Eleven Interiors, Helmarck & Foglia
Project Area: 6,200 sqf
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Eric Roth Photography, ZeroEnergy Design

UMass Amherst Integrated Science Building / Payette

© Warren Jagger Photography

Architect: Payette
Location: , Massachusetts
Project Area: 173,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Warren Jagger Photography


The Hawai’i Wildlife Center / Ruhl Walker Architects

© William Ruhl

Architect: Ruhl Walker Architects
Location: Halaula,
Consultants: Rhoady Lee Architecture and Design, Umemoto Cassandro Design Corporation, Tinguely Development Inc., Meridian Construction & Development, Ryan Associates General Contractors, William Blakeney Structural Engineers, Peter JK Dahlberg PE LLC, Mark Morrison And Associates, Smithsonian / SAO, Kohala Engineering, Pattison Land Surveying Inc.
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: William Ruhl

Minneapolis Riverfront Competition Finalist / StossLU


Historically, rivers have served as the ecological and commercial backbones of the communities that boarder them. With the deindustrialization of American cities, these lifelines have been unclaimed for civic use. They lay cluttered; remnants of their past serve as barriers to their potential re-use. This proposal by StossLU seeks to claim the Mississippi River and envision its transformation into park space as a spectacle in its own right within the city of .


Aesthetic Fillup: Gas Stations

© / Brandon Baunach

The design of gas stations is mostly stripped down to that required for bare function. The inextricable relationship of the aesthetics of modernism to that of the automobile begs a different approach, one that fulfills the traditional function of a gas station but also reflects shifting movements within design. Just like the cars that have driven up to utilize them, these gas stations represent design principles contemporary to the time in which they were constructed.

Ordos 20+10 Office Complex / Preston Scott Cohen


Designed for the project, this office complex by Preston Scott Cohen serves to create a whole new office building typology in its stance on site, promenade, and public space.

The CityDeck / StossLU


Architect: StossLU
Location: , Wisconsin
Project Team: Chris Reed, Scott Bishop, Tim Barner, Cathy Braasch, Steve Carlucci, Jill Desimini, Adrian Fehrmann, Carl Frushour, Kristin Malone, Chris Muskopf, Susan Fitzgerald, Jana Kienitz, Lisl Kotheimer, Bryan Miyahara, Graham Palmer, Megan Studer, Sarah White
Project Area: 2.5 acres
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: StossLU, Jeff Mirkes

Joukowsky Institute / Anmahian Winton Architects

© Warren Jagger

Architect: Anmahian Winton
Location: , Rhode Island, USA
Project Team: Nick Winton AIA(principal in charge), Alex Anmahian AIA(consulting principal), Aaron Bruckerhoff AIA, LEED AP(project manager), Joel Lamere (project architect), Makoto Abe (project designer), Aaron Stavert AIA
Consultants: RDK Engineers, Richmond So Engineers, GZA, Shawmut Design & Construction, Hines Wasser Associates, LAM Partners
Project Area: 15,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Peter Vanderwarker, Warren Jagger, Jane Messinger 

Erie Street Plaza / StossLU


Architect: StossLU
Location: , Wisconsin, USA
Project Team: Chris Reed, principle; Scott Bishop, project manager; Tim Barner, Adrian Fehrmann, Kristin Malone, Chris Muskopf, Graham Palmer, Megan Studer
Consultants: Vetter Denk, urban design; Light TH!S, lighting design; GRAEF Anhalt Schloemer & Associates, engineering
Project Area: 13,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: StossLU 

Library Of The Present: Communal Information In Physical Space

© Iwan Baan

The Internet is now the of the past. Where the public has historically served as the primary source of information gathering and dissemination, we now look to this new virtual, infinitely large that can be accessed anywhere at any time as the of the present.

As a result, the primary roles of today’s physical libraries have shifted. Libraries of the past focused primarily on individualized information consumption. Communal aspects of interaction and information dissemination now represent the core mission of the library when information is more easily accessible. The silent grand beaux-arts reading rooms of or Boston have of the past been transformed into flexible communal “living rooms” in Seattle.

Instant Untitled / MOS Architects

© David Fenster / MOS

Architect: MOS Architects
Location: Venice Biennale , Italy
Project Year: 2010
Photos: David Fenster,

AD Classics: Gateway Arch / Eero Saarinen

© / Exothermic

Built to commemorate the westward expansion of the , the Gateway Arch designed by Eero Saarinen became a futuristic marker that rose above the cityscape of . In its design, this monument drew from previous symbolic constructs of similar aspiration, scale and mathematical precision.