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Urban Interventions / Vallo Sadovsky Architects

recently sent us their latest book, Urban Interventions. We have featured one of Vallo Sadovsky Architects’ projects before, BA_LIK. That project gets to the heart of what this book is about. Small urban interventions can completely transform and revive a space and city. This book is filled with writings and examples that expand on that idea. “The proposals in these pages are, with few exceptions, practical solutions to real urban problems, most of them having to do with the creation of place or connecting disparate places together, by shifting the perception of the value of a piece of open space or mending a neighborhood from the effects of a multilane freeway. Some of the most inspiring are also the most modest, replacing lost trees with potted plants that provide seating for rest or perhaps a conversation with a neighbor,” writes John Peterson.

Take a look inside after the break.

Update: Covington Farmers Market / design/buildLAB

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto
For those of you that enjoyed our post on the Covington Farmers Market you might enjoy visiting an exhibition that features Jeff Goldberg’s images and the students’ bass wood models of the project at The  Center for Architecture in Richmond, . The exhibition, ”Design 2011: A Retrospective of Winning Work”, will be held from October 20, 2011 – January 8, 2012.
Additionally,   has been invited to give a lecture to coincide with the exhibit. The lecture, ”Teaching Practice”,  will be held at the Richmond Convention Center on Thursday November 3rd from 10:45-12:15. For more information visit:
More images of the project after the break.

Z5 / Christophe Gulizzi Architecte

© Luc Boegly

Architect: Christophe Gulizzi Architecte
Location: ,
Commissioned by: SCI 5ZS_Zinedine Zidane
Cost: 7,000,000.00 € (excl. VAT)
Photographs: Philippe Ruault, Luc Boegly, Christian Michel, Lisa Ricciotti

Railway Control Centre / Moreno del Valle Arquitectos

© Fernando Alda

Architect: Moreno del Valle Arquitectos
Location: Albacete,
Client: adif
Lead Architect: David Moreno del Valle
Project Team: Daniel Vazquez Míguez, Arquitecto; Borja Martin Melchor, Arquitecto; Antonio Pascual Ciudad, iccp; Jose Zamora Garcia, Aisin Simarro Levia
Quantity Surveyor: Mariano Oviedo Oviedo
Engineer: Javier Ruiz López, Jorge Alvarez Garcia, Francisco Garcia Fernandez, Carlos Díaz Palacios
Construction: Thales
Project Area: 2,031.13 sqm
Photographs: Fernando Alda

BOYI Gallery / Tao Lei Architect Studio

Courtesy of

Architect: Tao Lei Architect Studio
Location: North Street of East Imperial City of Beijing,
Project Area: 600 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Courtesy of Tao Lei Architect Studio

House Contrast / Key Operation

© gumi, KOP

Architect: Key Operation Inc / Architects
Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Lead Architect: Akira Koyama
Structural Engineer: Azusagawa Sekkei
Construction: Tokyo Gumi
Project Area: 74.92 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Tokyo gumi, KOP

Kiti / mihadesign

© Shinkenchiku-sha

Architect: mihadesign
Location: , Kanagawa, Japan
Structural Engineer: Ejiri Structure Design Office
Project Area: site area:150.44 sqm building area: 60.17 sqm, floor area ratio: 133.12 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Shinkenchiku-sha

Cabezo de la Almagra / Cerrejon Arquitectos

© Roland Halbe

Architect: Cerrejon Arquitectos
Location: University Campus of “El Carmen”, Huelva,
Lead Architect: Sebastián Cerrejón Hidalgo
Metal Structure: S. L. P., Joaquín Gracia Barberán
Foundation: José Sainz Sopeña
Agricultural Engineer: Carlos Enviz
Archaeologist: Juan Manuel Campos Carrasco
Facilities: Grupo JG
Sponsors: Municipal Management of Urbanism Town Hall of Huelva
Construction: Terracivíl, S.A., Vicente Cantalapiedra (Chief of Work)
Project Area: 21,489.68 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Roland Halbe

Humboldt Box | Berlin / Krüger Schuberth Vandreike

© Nelson Garrido

Architect: Krüger Schuberth Vandreike (KSV)
Location: , Germany
Project Team: Bertram Vandreike, Christiane Schuberth, Torsten Krüger, Markus Reinhardt, Emanuel Weu, Silke Jänicke, Annemike Banniza, Philipp Stachat,Philipp Janke, Karena Filter
Client: Megaposter GmbH, Neuss
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Casa Nueva: Working in the Garden / Van Atta Associates

Courtesy of Van Atta Associates

Landscape Architect: Van Atta Associates, Inc.
Location: County Government Campus, , , USA
Project Team: Susan Van Atta, FASLA, Principal; Guillermo Gonzalez, Senior Associate; Bethany Clough, Lane Goodkind
Architect: Blackbird Architects, Ken Radtkey, AIA, Principal; Yianni Doulis, Project Architect
Civil Engineer: Flowers & Associates
Contractor: Carrol Construction Co.
Artist/ Sculptor: Michael Singer
Photographs: Bill Dewey, Saxon Holt, Haley Adams, and Jessica Harlin

LegacyER / 5Gstudio

© Charles Davis Smith-AIA

Architect: 5G Studio Collaborative, llc
Location: 9205 Legacy Drive, Frisco, , USA
Project Team: Yen Ong, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP (Principal Architect); Hoang Dang, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP (Design Principal); James Warton, Associate AIA, LEED AP (Project Designer); Alesha Calvert, ASID (Interior Designer); Warren Lieu (Technical Designer)
Structural Consultant: Armstrong-Douglass Partners, LLC
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Consultant: Telios, PC
General Contractor: Huffman Builders
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Charles Davis Smith-AIA, Michael Hemme

Front to Back Infill / Colizza Bruni Architecture

© Peter Fritz

Architect: Colizza Bruni Architecture Inc. / James Colizza & Anthony Bruni
Location: , , Canada
Project Area: 111 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Peter Fritz

Urban Lofts / Charis Gkikas & Evaggelia Filtsou

© Vangelis Paterakis

Location: , Athens, Greece
Developer: Alpha Land Developers 
Construction: Alpha Land Developers
Project Team: George Stamatakis , Charis Gkikas
Interior Designer: Theano Potamianou-Ravazoula
Project Area: 1.200 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Vangelis Paterakis

Museum Folkwang / David Chipperfield

Courtesy of Architects

Architect: David Chipperfield Architects
Location: Essen, Germany
Photographs: Courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects
Door & Window Hardware: 

The POD / Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn with Studio Nicoletti Associati

Mr. H Lin Ho Courtesy of PJCC

Architect: Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn with Studio Nicoletti Associati
Location: , Malaysia
Contractor: Bina Jurati Sdn
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Mr. H Lin Ho Courtesy of PJCC

Farrar Pond Project – FlexFENCE / Mikyoung Kim Design

Courtesy of

Landscape Architect: Mikyoung Kim Design
Project Location: Lincoln, Massachusetts,
Commissioning Entity: R. E. Davoli
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Courtesy of Mikyoung Kim Design

Sacramento International Airport / Corgan Associates with Fentress Architects

Jason A. Knowles ©

Architects: Corgan Associates with Fentress Architects
Location: , California, USA
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Jason A. Knowles © Fentress Architects

Restaurant 13 / Johan De Wachter Architects

Courtesy of

Architect: Johan De Wachter Architects
Location: Jinhua City, China
Client: Government of Jindong New District, Jinhua City
Organizer: Ai Weiwei, Herzog&DeMeuron
Principal Designer/s: Johan De Wachter
Design Team: Pei Liu
Collaboration: Fundc, ABT Velp
Site Area: 1500 sqm
Project Area: 600 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Iwan Baan, Philip Fung, Johan De Wachter