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Coral City / GOMMA Design


Rome based architecture and design firm GOMMA Design has submitted one of their latest projects, Coral City, a self-sustaining and disaster-resistant eco-village in the , submitted for the DAtE competition. Additional images of their proposal and a lengthy description are available after the break.

Faculty of Medicine Coimbra University / CVDB Arquitectos / AT 93


CVDB Arquitectos / AT 93, has shared with ArchDaily their competition winning design proposal for the 2009 Faculty of Medicine University in Portugal. Additional images and a description are available after the break.

Forum Oeiras / CVDB Arquitectos


CVDB Arquitectos has shared with us their proposal for the Oeiras Forum in Oeiras . Follow after the break for additional images and a brief narrative from the architects.

Salford House 4 Life / White Arkitekter


Scandinavian practice White Arkitekter has won the Salford House 4 life competition, organized by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). White’s proposal was chosen as the winning scheme from 59 entries. For more images of their proposal and a succinct description, follow after the jump.

Spiretec / STL


STL Chicago has shared with us their latest project, Spiretec, a Mixed Use IT campus in the region of India. Additional images and a brief description from the architects after the break.

Wide Open House / Min | Day

Courtesy Min|Day

The architecture firm Min | Day has designed a energy conscious home designed for fluid indoor-outdoor living for purchase through Hometta, a online blueprint database of progressive and sustainable modern houses available for purchase by the masses. Additional images of Min | Day’s design and a description of the home after the jump.

Taichung Gateway Park International Competition

Re-announcement- Gateway Park

The Taichung Gateway Park International Competition has been Re-Announced as of April 1st, 2011. The competition seeks out aggressive Landscape Architects to transform the former airport into a modern Eco-Park that will inform the future of Taichung’s urban landscape.

Taichung Gateway City covers an approximately 254-hectare area that includes the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport and its vicinities. According to Taichung’s municipal urban plan, at the center of Taichung Gateway City will be an expansive green space—Taichung Gateway Park—that meanders from the north to the south of the entire development area with approximately 68-hectare.

Areas surrounding the park will be divided into four districts according to their features: Eco Residential District, Gateway District, Cultural Business District, and Innovation R&D District. In addition, Taichung Movie City, Tower and Taichung City Cultural Center will all be integrated into Taichung Gateway Park. Therefore, the development of the park will become the most significant milestone for Taichung Gateway City.

The total construction budget is a proposed $85,000,000 USD with a set service fee of 10% for the chosen Design Team. For more information please visit the competition’s official website.

July August Heat / DI Bernhard Gruber


DI Bernhard Gruber has devised a creative proposal for a new typology of playground systems for harsh weather climates such as Tel-Aviv . Read more about this conditioned micro climate playground and additional images of the project after the break.

Lincoln Mixed Use / Meridian 105 Architecture

Courtesy Meridian 105 Architecture

Chad Mitchell, president of based Meridian 105 Architecture, has shared with us his proposal for a planned mixed use complex in downtown Denver . After the break, be sure to look over the proposed passive wall systems used throughout the design proposal  in addition to the rest of the renderings and description from M1A.

Inno Olympic Plaza / KSP Juergen Engel Architekten


Another first prize for KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten in : Inno Olympic Plaza. The German studio won another competition in (after the recent first prize for the Science Center) and will build the Inno Olympic Plaza just south of the location of the 2008 Olympics. Additional images and a narrative of their winning proposal after the break.

2015 Pan American Games Pavilion / Manuel Gross + Patrik Staub + Stefan Vetsch + Yannick Vorberg

Courtesy + Patrik Staub + Stefan Vetsch +

Manuel Gross, Patrik Staub, Stefan Vetsch and Yannick Vorberg, all recent graduates of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, have shared with us their winning entry for the AIAS/Vinyl Institute 2015 Pan American Games Awards Pavilion to be situated in Toronto, Canada. Follow after the break for a comprehensive write up and additional images of their competition entry.

Excess Heights / Reality Cues


Reality Cues has shared with us their unique idea for the handling of consumer waste and the physical possibilities they imagine stemming from this condition. Images of Excess Heights in addition to a brief narrative description after the jump.

Helios Rehab Sanctuary / Team CLS


Designed by Team CLS, headed by award winning UK Architect Darren Chan, other members including Emily Lau (Architecture Graduate) and Jonas Sin (Netherlands Architect), their project, Helios Rehab Sanctuary, innovates in the application of sustainable technologies to create a new and exciting typology. More on this project after the break.

Faaborg Harbour Bath and Blue Base / JDS Architects + KLAR + CREO ARKITEKTER

Courtesy JDS Architects

JDS Architects together with KLAR, CREO ARKITEKTER A/S and Sloth-Møller engineers has presented us their latest project, the Faaborg Harbour Bath and Blue Bass in Faaborg, . This was the winning design among the invited entrants to the Faaborg compeition and the execution process is ongoing. Follow after the jump for a few additional images and a short project briefing.

Russian Orthodox Church / Arch Group

Courtesy Arch Group

We at ArchDaily have featured many of the proposals for the cultural and spiritual Russian Orthodox center in competition and today have the privilege of sharing with our readers the winning entry from Arch Group. Additional images from the Russian firm’s winning proposal in addition to a lengthy narrative after the jump.

Waterfront Furniture / ALo Design

Courtesy Adrian Lo of

Adrian Lo of ALo Design has shared with us his winning entry for the Eastern Harborfront Street Furniture Design Competition. Images of the project as well as a brief summary of both Adrian’s project and the competition itself can be seen after the break.

Home of the Future / LAVA

Courtesy Doug and Wolf

The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture [LAVA] has shared with us their proposal for the Home of the Future. Additional images and a project description are available after the break.

String Theory / Department of Unusual Certainties


Department of Unusual Certainties [DoUC] recently completed a submission to the Network Reset, Rethinking the Chicago Emerald Necklace, competition hosted by Mas Studio and the Chicago Architectural Club. Participants were asked to look at the urban scale and propose a framework for the entire boulevard system as well as provide answers and visualize the interventions at a smaller scale that can directly impact its potential users. Through images, diagrams and drawings the work should express what are the soft or hard, big or small, temporary or permanent interventions that can reactivate and reset the Boulevard System of . DoUC’s proposal focused on filling Chicago’s Emerald Necklace with a framework of posts, beams, ropes and counterweights  - to produce a pick-and-choose- method of program management. Images of their entry and a description can be seen after the jump.