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Planetarium de Montreal / Saucier + Perrotte

Canadian architects Saucier + Perrotte shared with us their finalist proposal for the Planetarium de Monteral competition, a black mantle connecting the different programatic pieces.

Architect’s description, credits and more images after the break:

3-2-1 Contact: Architecture

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An educational view on Architecture, 80s style (thanks Emilio!).

Più Design Può, symposium on political, social and urban communication

On May 22 and 23, as part of the “Il Genio Fiorentino 2009” event promoted by the Province of Firenze, , Palazzo Medici Riccardi will host “Più Design Può” (lit. More Design Can). The symposium is dedicated to the most interesting experiences in the field of political, social and urban communication as they were carried out by institutions around the world.

Our cities manifest very often a total absence of any visual project and present themselves to citizens and visitors as places full of incoherent signs, all to be deciphered, discovered and interpreted. “Più Design Può” points out the importance of visual communication as a formidable instrument in the determination of society’s participative processes.

Visual communication represents a formidable instrument in the determination of society’s participative processes. The promotion of coherent applications of communication projects in the ambit of relations between institutions and citizens is one of the founding elements of the ethics of visual design.

This aspiration originates in the very DNA of graphic design and of Italian graphics in particular, which are, hardly by chance, well known for the particularly fertile years of “public utility” graphic design which characterized the Italian Seventies and Eighties of the Twentieth Century.

Read the full program here.

Footwear by Zaha Hadid and Lacoste

Zaha Hadid Architects and french company Lacoste collaborated to design this exclusive footwear. Limited to 850 pairs, the boots will be released next July in three exclusive stores from Paris, and Milan.

“Featuring a digitized version of ’s famous croc logo and a pliable, coiled strap system, the styles bring Hadid’s signature look to footwear for men (an ankle boot) and women (a calf boot).”

One more image after the break.

Sports Park Stozice / SADAR + VUGA, with KSS + MYSI + OFIS

Architects: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti (lead architect); KSS, London (consultant in sports architecture); , Tel Aviv (shopping centre concept); OFIS arhitekti, Ljubljana (architect shopping centre)
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Landscape Architects: AKKA, Ljubljana
Construction Engineering: Gradis; Atelier One, London
Mechanical Engineering: Lenassi; Jelen & Zaveršnik
Electrical Engineering: Elprojekt; UTRIS
Fire Engineering: EKOsystem
Client: Ljubljana City Municipality, Grep
Project year: 2007
Site Area: 182,000 sqm
Constructed Area: 460,720 sqm
Photographs: Sadar Vuga

Dakota Residences / PB Elemental Architecture

Architects: Pb Elemental Architecture
Location: Seattle, Washington,
Constructed Area: 650 sqm
Construction year: 2008
Photographs: Pb Elemental Architecture

Bank in Donoratico / Massimo Mariani

Architect: Massimo Mariani
Location: Livorno,
Project Team: Elda Bellone, Roseda Gentile, Alessandro Mariani
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Alessandro Ciampi

Villa Panorama / Sponge Architects

Dutch practice, Sponge Architects sent us their latest residencial project: Villa Panorama, where you can “enjoy the country life in a home where your dream landscape reveals itself before your own eyes”, as they say.

See some more images and drawings after the break.

Torskfjorddalen / Pushak

Architects: Pushak
Location: Nordkynnhalvøya, Finnmark,
Project Year: 2007
Program: Roadstop, benches
Photographs: Pushak

Autodesk announces Ecotect Analysis 2010 and free Guide to Sustainable Design

A few years ago i started using Ecotect v4 for energy analysis on projects. I gotta say that is a very easy to use tool, with a very short learning curve that lets you conduct several analysis on the design phase of your projects, such as shading, energy consumption, airflow, acoustics, lighting, etc. Also, during the process of analysis, it shows you on a very didactic way new terms and how they affect the project.

Easy, fast and accurate. What else could you ask for?

Well, these software was acquired by as of last year and was released as Ecotect 2009. And now during the AIA 2009 Convention they announced Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2010, the latest version of the software that offers improved integration with Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 and Autodesk Revit MEP 2010.

And continuing with the teaching spirit of the original version of Ecotect, Autodesk has launched the Autodesk Guide to Sustainable Design, a new free online resource for designers that illustrates sustainable design principles, decisions and technologies for every phase of the building project lifecycle.

More screenshoots of Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2010 after the break:

Franzen house / SchappacherWhite

Architects: SchappacherWhite Ltd. & Gregory Cranford – Brennan Beer Gorman Architects
Location: New London, Connecticut,
Principal: Steve Schappacher
Design/Restoration Architect: Gregory Cranford
Interiors: Ltd.
Construction: Mixed Structure
Project Year: 2005
Photographs: SchappacherWhite Ltd.

Kamran Kopaei / Amordad design developer

Architects: Amordad design developer
Location: Esfahan,
Principals: Kamran Kopaei, Farshad Shagoshtasbi, Golrokh Kopaei
Owner: Sepahan beyond research (structure & mechanic office)
Project year: 2008
Photographs: design developer

Great IKEA ads by Jung von Matt

German designer Jung von Matt designed this great ads for IKEA latest campaign. Seen at Core77. All the ads, after the break.

Thanks Martín Bravo for the tip!

Goswell Road / Mackay & Partners

British practice Mackay & Partners shared with us this nice residencial building in London, England. You can see some more images after the break.

Expo Zaragoza Pavilion / Tatiana Bilbao

Architect: Tatiana Bilbao
Location: Zaragoza, Spain
Design Team: con Mariana Tello, Francisco Solórzano & Thorsten Englert
Structural Engineering: Juan F. de la Torre Calvo
Contractor: OHL
Interior Design: Esrawe Studio / Héctor Esrawe con Ricardo Casas , Alain Herrera, Marcela Compean, Ian Castillo, Diego Hernández
Installations: AT Asesores / Carlos Martínez
Artistic Intervention: Marco Roundtree, Jerónimo Hagerman
Photographs:Tatiana Bilbao

Projects around the Royal Racecourse in Ostend / BURO II

Belgian practice BURO II designed some new projects around this historic site with a great importance to the city of Ostend. This is, amongst others, determined by its location: the proximity to the sea the Royal Galleries and the historically important Thermae Palace. The former racecourse for horse racing was turned into a collection of projects, and a crossroads of activities, which bring a new urban dynamic to ‘the queen of seaside resorts’.

Casa Pedralbes / Joan Anguita

This house in the mountains, designed by the architect Joan Anguita, brings all the glamour of Los Angeles to Barcelona, . Partially suspended above the terrain, it is the dream home of a young businessman who loves collecting cars and organizing gatherings for his friends.

Postopolis! LA on the blogosphere

The last day of ! LA started a few minutes ago, and it´s already getting crowded as you can see on the photos.

It has been 5 days of intense architectural discussion, with amazing speakers. And please remember that tonight is the official closing party at the rooftop of The Standard Hotel downtown in LA – plase make sure to arrive before 7PM to avoid, otherwise you´ll have to pay. Also, there´s an open bar from 5 to 7.

I´d like to share with you guys all the posts that the other organizing blogs have been writing over this days: