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Autodesk Assistance Program

13:00 - 29 August, 2009

Although it seems that the economy has left behind it’s worst days, the fact is we are still going through an economic crisis. Many architecture offices and companies have had to let good people go. If you were one of them, you might be wondering how to advance your career in this challenging global job market.

The Shard / Renzo Piano

12:20 - 28 August, 2009

Renzo Piano‘s latest project, the Shard, has recently moved to the construction phase.  The 1,016 ft high skyscraper will be the tallest building in Western Europe and will provide amazing views of London.  The mixed use tower, complete with offices, apartments, a hotel and spa, retail areas, restaurants and a 15-storey public viewing gallery, will sit adjacent to London Bridge station as part of a new development called London Bridge Quarter.  Replacing the 1970′s Southwark Tower on Bridge Street, the Shard is a welcomed addition to the London skyline, and its central location near major transportation nodes will play a key role in allowing London to expand.

More about the tower after the break.

Cover Up / Visiondivision

19:16 - 27 August, 2009

Our friends at Visiondivision passed along their Cover Up project which is part of a bigger commission to improve several power plants for an energy company.  The firm created a storage facility for several heating containers that could be quickly outsourced and serve as back-up power should the city experienced a black-out.  Working in an industrial area where the company was used to break ins and vandalism, the firm designed a “good looking, roofless, and flexible-as-an-anaconda building.”  Good looking in the sense that this storage facility could better the rough surroundings; roofless due to the fact that the large containers needed to be transported with a special crane truck; and flexible since the need for additional containers in the future should also be considered.

More about the project after the break.

Frontier Project / HMC Architects

14:21 - 27 August, 2009

The Frontier Project, located in Cucamonga, Southern California, is a 14,000 square foot demonstration building that will educate all in the community about the latest information, technologies and approaches regarding environmental friendliness.  The project will make resident consumers, commercial builders, and sustainable advocates aware and informed of the alternative building methods to encourage sustainability.  HMC Architects’ building will not just be something for visitors to look at and admire; rather, the building will become more of a learning experience as visitors are welcomed into its spaces and sustainable strategies are pointed out with their importance explained. “Everything from material and plant selection, the layout of space, and the maintenance regime will have a purpose, demonstrating the principle of green design for home owners, consumers, contractors, design professionals, sustainability advocates and the general public,” explained the Frontier Project founders.

More about the demonstration building, including a video and images, after the break.

Global Ministries Headquarters / Bittoni Design Studio

22:30 - 26 August, 2009

Sports Hall / Substance

13:23 - 25 August, 2009

When the Jurmala City Council asked Substance to build a sports venue for the popular Latvian sea resort, the firm designed a structure that could be open all year long in any weather.  Inspired by the amber – crystallised resin of pine typically washed up on the Baltic coast, the venue’s form incorporates translucent polycarbonate cladding inside a structural framework to accentuate the building’s varying height.

More about the sports venue after the break.

Biochemistry Center / Hawkins Brown

23:18 - 23 August, 2009

Oxford University’s science center was way behind the times.  Although the center was equipped with state of the art technology and some of the brightest minds, its fragmented and independent research areas made any attempt at interaction between scientists impossible.  Working off academic J Rogers Hollingsworth’s theory that when scientists can frequently converse and exchange ideas, major breakthroughs are bound to happen, Hawkins Brown‘s new biochemistry building is a step in the right direction for Oxford.

More about the new Biochemistry facility after the break.

InHolland University / Erick van Egeraat

12:16 - 21 August, 2009

Erick van Egeraat‘s extension of InHolland University in Rotterdam adds more than 15,000 square feet to the growing education center.   van Egeraat designed the original building in 2001 and now has added a volumetric addition which includes study areas, classrooms, offices and space for commercial functions.

More about the extension after the break.

Reburbia Design Competition Winners Announced

13:00 - 20 August, 2009

Inhabitat and Dwell have just announced the winners of the Reburbia Design Competition. The competition, which has been running for the past 6 weeks, challenged architects, designers and concerned citizens to come up with solutions that would address the problems that plague present-day suburbia by envisioning different scenarios for the future.

Proposals tackled foreclosed McMansions, vacant big box stores, strip malls, parking lots and more with design fixes ranging from community agriculture and algae-based biofuels to zeppelin-based transit and pools transformed into water treatment plants. The competition drew over 400 entries from countries all over the world.

Winners after the break.

Lukishkiu Square / Tuleikis + Antinis + Vaikšnoras + Lanauskas + Vaitiekūnas

12:18 - 19 August, 2009

The design team of L. Tuleikis, R. Antinis, K. Vaikšnoras, K. Lanauskas, and P. Vaitiekūnas shared their competition entry for the renovation of Lukishkiu Square in Vilnius, Lithuania.  The competition highlighted “freedom” as the square was established for a memorial space.  The team’s proposal consists of a gently carved out central Freedom Field, surrounded by sculptural compositions and an external flame along the perimeter of the site.

More about the entry after the break.

Waterpod Project

23:32 - 18 August, 2009

The Waterpod ProjectTM has been floating around the New York area for the past few months gaining a lot of attention.  Beginning in Newtown Creek, between Brooklyn and Queens, the Pod is moving down the East River and Hudson River.  As reported by Melena Ryzik for The New York Times (view her articles here) this experimental project investigates the blend of community living and artistry. Showcasing artworks, performances and such, the WaterpodTM, is an eco-conscious environment that was designed “In preparation for our coming world with an increase in population, a decrease in usable land, and a greater flux in environmental conditions, people will need to rely closely on immediate communities and look for alternative living models; the Waterpod is about cooperation, collaboration, augmentation, and metamorphosis,” explained Mary Mattingly, a photographer who thought of the Waterpod idea.

More about the WaterpodTM after the break.

House in Mukouyama / TSC Architects

12:54 - 17 August, 2009

Yinzhou Fantasy Island / DeStefano and Partners

13:10 - 16 August, 2009

DeStefano and Partners have created a new commercial center for Ninbgo, China.  Extending the existing canal system, the Yinzhou Fantasy Island master plan fuses the current wetlands and parks with the commercial aspects of the city as a way to balance the ecological with the cultural.  The plan will not only include retail areas, but also entertainment, business, leisure and cultural facilities placed strategically along pedestrian boulevards in close proximity to mass transit systems.

More about the plan after the break.

SHO Shaun Hergatt / Robert D. Henry Architects

19:02 - 15 August, 2009

Robert D. Henry Architects just finished the latest SHO Shaun Hergatt restaurant at 40 Broad Street in Manhattan, New York.  The restaurant aims to “touch on all of the five senses” to create a full dining experience.  “The more our senses are engaged synchronistically, the more powerful our experience; this viewpoint shapes everything we do now,” explained Henry.

More about the restaurant after the break.

Parrish Art Museum / Herzog & de Meuron

12:56 - 14 August, 2009

The internationally acclaimed Herzog & De Meuron unveiled their re-conceptualized design for the Parrish Art Museum on the 14-acre Hampton site.  The new design replaces the firm’s original idea which featured a villagelike cluster of pavilions scattered throughout the site.  When the museum could not seem to raise the $80 million necessary to realize the project, they approached Herzog & de Mueron for a more modest proposal.  The architects took the challenge and created a new building for less than a third of the original budget.   The new museum’s long profile, which measures 94 feet wide and 634 feet long, houses galleries arranged in two long rows along a central corridor.  The temporary walls allow the room sizes to be adjusted to account for the changing sizes of the temporary exhibits.

More about the new museum after the break.

Fish Market / Kjellgren Kaminsky

21:00 - 13 August, 2009

Kjellgren Kaminsky shared their proposal for a fish market and its surrounding square in Bergen, Norway.  The five story building will house a market hall on the entrance and first floor and try to attract visitors and tourists who are passing by.  “We believe that the traditional market would gain more visitors if it was combined with a modern marketplace fully equipped and under one roof,” explained the architects.

More about the fish market after the break.

Send your office photo to ArchDaily's Facebook Fan Page

13:00 - 13 August, 2009

In case you didn’t know, a couple of weeks ago we started with our Facebook Fan Page (different from ArchDaily’s group on Facebook). The interaction that we have been experiencing with you has been awesome, so we decided to turn things upside down for a change.

Revolutionary Development for Turkey / RMJM

21:00 - 12 August, 2009

Internationally recognized practice RMJM Architects have recently announced their groundbreaking $1 billon mixed-use complex for the Atasehir district, the growing residential and business area of Istanbul, TurkeyRMJM’s complex will allow the new business center to flourish by serving 20,000 people and providing for a variety of their needs. The project will be revolutionary for Turkey as it will become the country’s first LEED-certified mixed-use development upon its 2011 completion date.

More images and more about the complex after the break.

Matt Schmid / SSEF Competition

12:30 - 12 August, 2009

The Steel Structures Education Foundation organized a competition designed for students to fuse their conceptual ideas with the reality of physical structure.  With the program and scale left to the discretion of the designer, the proposal had to emphasize the “essential relationship” between the exploration of form and material, with regards to surfaces, members and connections.  As an academic project, students also had to use their details to communicate with the steel fabrication industry as a way to expose ”the opportunities and restraints inherent in realizing conceptual design.” “It is important for students of architecture to grasp the fact that structural design lies not just in the realm of the engineer, but can be a means for architects of arriving at a meaningful realization of architectural ideas,” explained the SSEF.  The winner, student Matt Schmid from the University of Waterloo, designed a bird sanctuary in Niagara Gorge in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

More about the winning entry after the break.

Bluepoint Sales Pavilion / Paul Raff Studio

21:00 - 11 August, 2009

Located in Phuket, Thailand, Paul Studio Architects Bluepoint Sales Pavilion provides a space for potential clients to enjoy the surrounding views.  The elegant wooden structure gracefully compliments the landscape by “responding to the powerful contextual site conditions.”

More about the residence after the break.

French Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010

13:00 - 10 August, 2009

Jacques Ferrier Architects were selected to design the French Pavillion at Shanghai Expo 2010. Their project ‘The Sensual City’ is a simple building with a big style French garden inside. Surrounded by water it appears to be floating.

The 6000 square meter pavillion will use advanced building materials and environmental protection technology including solar panels on top of the roof.

Seen at designboom. More images after the break.

Telok Blangah Hill Park

12:00 - 9 August, 2009

Located in Singapore, Telok Blangah Hill Park‘s newest addition includes “a fly-over-like infrastructure” that reaches 120 feet above the forest floor. The walkways are a respectful way to view nature as they provide a place for viewers to unobtrusively admire the landscape.

More images and more about the walkways after the break.

Belgian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010

13:23 - 7 August, 2009

Conix Architects in collaboration with JV Realys have won the competition to design the Belgian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010.

The structure of a brain cell is the dominant conceptual image for the pavilion. It aims to evokes the artistic and scientific richness of Belgium and the country’s central position within Europe.

The brain cell also refers directly to the role of Belgium as one of Europe’s main gathering centres and cross-points of 3 great cultural traditions: the Latin, the Germanic and the Anglo-Saxon. Belgium, closely connected to its surrounding countries, has always been a ‘place of balance’ where people have gathered with common interests that surpass their national needs.

Seen at designboom. More images after the break.

Studio 2 in 1 / TWS & Partners

12:02 - 7 August, 2009

TWS & Partners named their latest work Studio 2 in 1, as it accommodates the function of a home and a studio within one place.  The studio is located in the urban setting of Jakarta, amidst the semi-detached housing units that are typical of the area.  With a small site measuring 10 meter by 20 meter, the project aims to “elaborate the tropical, shaded, natural illuminated, and cross ventilation, breathing space regardless all the limitation of space.”

More images and further project description after the break.