CB 30 / Dellekamp arquitectos + Juan Pablo Maza

Architects: Dellekamp arquitectos + Juan Pablo Maza
Location: Colonia Polanco, Mexico DF, Mexico
Project Leader: Juan Pablo Maza
Project Team: Aisha Ballesteros, Aline Wallach, Arais Reyes, Sandra Ortiz, Verónica Alatorre
Program: Apartment Building
Project Year: 2003-2006
Photographs: Dante Busquets & Oscar Necoechea

This building has 3 apartments looking onto the street as well as a 2-story house in the back that looks into an interior . The public areas are contained in a single space looking out to the street or into the interior void. There is a spectacular tree in front of the building, and a view to the park of Polanco. These conditions became the central design objective, as we wanted to flood the interior out to the street and the park. Therefore the facade responds to the principle of eliminating obstructions between the inside and outside, generating openness and continuity.

Working with structural geometry, we managed to support the 15 m. span in a slab of 40 cm. with no columns that would interfere with the view; we then sharpened the floor slabs and walls to the minimum, hiding their edges in the facade.

The private areas are separated from the open public area by sliding doors to allow flexibility to integrate or contain these spaces.

The roof top is a garden that interweaves with the reflected vegetation on the -enclosed container.

Cite: "CB 30 / Dellekamp arquitectos + Juan Pablo Maza" 04 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=9788>


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    simple and impressive. However the glass looks really transparent. i am wondering what is the U value of it? wont it cause too much heat gain and loss?

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    This looks lovely. I especially like the long hinged windows and the courtyard. This really emphasizes for me personally how much I prefer furnished documentation. I’m sure for architects it’s helpful to have the building clear, but it’s much easier to imagine oneself living in these spaces when they include furniture and plants and so on.


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    Luckily the project is surrounded by large trees, if not, there would be indeed an energy-issue. But apart from that, i think it’s a consistent piece of architecture. But a little too soft for me…

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    i think the glass / curtain wall is going beyond the roof level and is acting as parapet. This is visible at the orthogonal junction (corner)

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    wow…its really striking…

    I’d also like to give some props for the use of the porsche 944 in section bb…a classic selection…

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    It looks amazing but i agree, furnished it would be that much better, and as for the privacy element? perhaps electronic blinds as they have in Japanese hotels! they could come across at night and be remote controlled.

    tres chic

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