The Pentagonal House / Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

© Shinichi Watanabe

The Pentagonal House designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio is conceived as a house that maximizes site usage and the space within the structure, while keeping true to the characteristics of the Japanese traditional construction of the neighborhood.

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© Shinichi Watanabe

The house is designed for a young couple, whose parents live nearby in the same village of Nagoya, .  The architects describe the roof of every home as another landscape, one that is a “meta-technology” of architecture, one that can facilitate harmony in the environment and in the architecture itself.  The roof of the Pentagonal House follows the form of the five-sided house, but also follows the traditional hipped roof that the neighboring roofs have.

© Shinichi Watanabe

The five main structural walls of the house are set in radially, making it possible to percieve the outside spaces as an extension of the interior spaces.  As the walls converge at the center they are cut away in a dome shape, and open the center of the house to the dining table.  This strategy, which seems compact in section, successfully opens up the interior space of the house, creating freedom of motion between the different rooms opposite one another while maintaining privacy between adjacent spaces. The tallest space in the house is of course the center where family gatherings are meant to take place.  The extremities of the house have lower ceilings which create more intimate spaces for relaxation.

© Shinichi Watanabe

The five-directional views along with the gentle tones of the surfaces give the house a very warm and serene quality.  The wooden structure is borrowed from traditional Japanese homes still constructed today and the walls are covered in traditional white plaster.

© Shinichi Watanabe

Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio takes great care to enunciate a sense of uniqueness and ingenuity in the design of this house, while maintaining aspects of traditional Japanese construction that still recalls the site and the surrounding culture.

Architects: Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio
Location : Tsushima city, Aichi pref. JAPAN
Program : private housing
Structure : wood
Site area : 692.63 sq.
Built area : 87.73sq.
Structure engineer : Mitsuda Structural
Consultants Construction : HATANOKOUMUTEN Co,. Ltd.
Photo : Shinichi Watanabe

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