Architecture City Guide: Washington D.C.

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Welcome to the Architecture City Guide series.  Here at ArchDaily we thought this series could especially be put to use during the upcoming holiday season.  Many will be traveling to see family, having family visit, or taking a New Year’s vacation to a new city.  Here is a small City Guide list, starting with Washington D.C.

We want to hear from you, share with us your City Guide list for buildings in Washington D.C.  More cities to come, so be sure to check back.

Follow the break for our Washington D.C. list and a corresponding map!

Architecture City Guide:  Washington D.C.

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Cite: Minner, Kelly. "Architecture City Guide: Washington D.C." 15 Dec 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • vp

    This is great! Also a google map featuring Archdaily projects around the world would be amazing (users could check interesting projects in a certain location via archdaily)

  • cindy

    This is an awesome project!

    Whenever I travel, I always look for unique architecture in that city to photograph. This series will be useful for sure!

  • Brad Hathaway

    A suggestion for this great project – add Kelly Minner’s November 16, 2010 Arch Daily article on Bing Thom’s fabulous encapsulation, Arena Stage’s Mead Center for the American Theater on the waterfront in Southwest DC – just blocks off the national mall. It is the latest significant landmark in this city of landmarks and those visiting Washington should include it in their tour.

  • AgentJ

    Thought for sure the Newseum would be on here.

  • bkmy

    I’m hoping that this list will be expendable, letting additional projects to be added can be easily re-visited. Perhaps a new tab on the main page with all the cities featured?

    • Kelly Minner

      We are definitely interested in continuing to expand this list, thanks for pointing it out. We want to hear from the readers on what buildings are on their can’t miss list for DC. Thanks for the suggestions so far and keep them coming!

  • Holcim Awards

    Wonderful Idea. I can’t wait to see more of these city guides.

  • Kellie

    Yes! I have been looking for these architectural guides when traveling.. and now, here it is!

  • Hungry Elephant

    Brilliant. Please keep these coming!!!

  • ArchiChavo

    Great idea! I’m headed to Dallas/Ft Worth area in a couple of weeks. It would be great to know what to check out while I am there.

  • Sue T.

    Congratulations – you managed to move Dulles Airport into the DC city limits. Even Congress hasn’t been able to get an airport constructed in DC so they don’t have to cross the river. The people in upper NW will probably be dismayed to find their homes replaced by runways.

    Nice article, though. I look forward to other cities.

  • new

    I agree this is a great idea. Add I.M. Pei’s National Gallery of Art East Building, this is a building I’ve visited over 100 times and is still exciting each time I go. Also visit the Building Museum Smithsonian has some very interesting architectural exhibitions.

  • Luiza

    really really nice!
    i think you should do guides for everywherer! or at least for the most important cities….

  • Jim Malone

    I’ve been a DC resident for 10 years (including 5 years at Catholic University School of Architecture). So I couldn’t resist adding my suggestions.

    The Lacey – Division 1 Architects
    Harman Center for the Arts – Diamond+Schmidt
    Pryzbyla Student Center at CUA – Ennead (formerly Polshek Partnership)
    Cooper Lewis Condos – SmithGroup
    View 14 Condos – SK&I Architects
    Union Row – SK&I Architects

    Almost anything by Shalom Baranes Architects
    Incinerator/Ritz Carlton/Loews development in Georgetown
    1875 Pennsylvania Ave
    22West Condos
    WestEnd25 Condos

    Additionally as mentioned above or featured previously on ArchDaily:
    Newseum – Ennead (formerly Polshek Partnership)
    Arena Stage – Bing Thom
    Watha T. Daniel Library – Davis Brody Bond

    This is just a fraction. I could probably list about 2 dozen more if you’re interested. Lots of my DC architecture photos here: