Campus Restaurant and Event Space / Barkow Leibinger Architects

Architects: Barkow Leibinger Architects - Frank Barkow & Regine Leibinger
Location: Stuttgart,
Design Phase Team: Jason Sandy, Johanna Doherty, Christina Eickmeier, Klaus Reintjes
Construction Phase Team: Lukas Weder (Project Architect), Philipp Heidemann, Caspar Hoesch, Christina Möller, Mathias Oliva, Dagmar Pelger, Jason Sandy
Project Year: 2006-2008
Constructed Area: 5,400 sqm
Client: TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG
Structural Engineer: Werner Sobek Ingenieure
Electrical Engineer: IBB Ingenieure
Landscaping: Büro Kiefer
Photographer: Christian Richters

Neither a factory nor an office building this freestanding pavilion introduces a new typology to the factory campus. Urbanistically, the new restaurant helps to complete the entrance courtyard spatially. Formally, its crystalline pentagon plan is a continuation of the crystalline ground plans of the new (existing) office building it is adjacent to. This structure is low lying and integrated closely with the campus landscape.

A floating roof hovers over the central dining space and mezzanine that are located in an excavated hollow. Of paramount importance is the formation of the roof. A series of studies investigated natural biological forms including leaf structures, sponges, spirals and webs. After a planning workshop with the structural engineer a preferred scheme emerged for a triangulated folded plate whose primary structure is . Within these triangular fields polygonal cells are inserted providing skylighting and natural ventilation.

Nearly 700 seats are available during regular operation in the restaurant area and on the south-facing terrace. If necessary, the interior can be transformed into an auditorium for events with up to 800 participants.

Publication material thanks to Barkow Leibinger Architects and some pictures from Below the Clouds

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  • cherkeen


  • cherkeen

    very cool!

  • Kayser

    The roof and ceiling design is brilliant.

  • Arkialdo

    With no malice intended, I just had an architectural orgasm after looking at this.

    Excellent articulation of space!

  • jack lee

    so nice!

  • Contemporary Art

    The pattern of the roof reminds me of many things you’ve posted recently. Organic-looking geometry seems to be a bit of a trend.

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  • keith

    cool ceiling,,

  • architecture_something

    Great but a bit monumental like a big sport arena :( but the ceiling is very impressiv? :)

  • Christine

    reminds me of honeycomb…

  • kate

    cool aesthetics and thinking

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  • dv8

    Absolutely love the entry to the second level. The voronoi and sloppy structure connecting to ground plane I can easily live w/o.