House in Tróia / Jorge Mealha


Architects: Jorge Mealha
Location: Clube Soltróia, plot 82, Tróia,
Project Team: Arch. João Sítima, Arch. Luís Banazol, Arch. Pedro Pereira, Arch. Marcelo Dantas
Client: Private
Project area: 207 sqm
Photographs: Jorge Mealha

© Jorge Mealha

For the surrounding ground, a set of virtually blank solids perform a dialectically tensioned play, searching, through scale and accentuation on the surfaces edges outlines, the emphasis on the light/shadow interplay, proposing an ever changing reading throughout the day.

© Jorge Mealha

The outline and voiding of the mass proposes an articulation of solids and wall surrounded patios, succeeding each other in the organization of a rhythmic sequence of a fluid program. The openings either of limited dimensions or placed in the interstitial spaces, in between the various solids, allow, in a quite controlled way, the fruition of chosen frames.

south elevation
section 01

The scale, the openings and the skylights, become instruments for light capture and redirection, either diffused or of a direct nature, drawing and sprinkling with light the interior planes throughout the daylight cycle.

Within the inner perimeter, a sequence of horizontal and vertical interplays between the various solids, voids and outlines, create the spatial identity structure of the house.

© Jorge Mealha

With plastered blank shutters, in the same finishing as the coating of the outside walls, when shut, lead to virtually blank solids, in the pursuit of a clear reading of the format.

Some ambiguities in the reading and definition of the containing and the contained elements inter-relations play with the observer’s capacity and interest in the decoding of space and shape design.

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  • isla

    so many aerial shots, like if humans had eyes on the top of the head…
    nice house btw

  • daniel daou

    stuck in movement more than a century old (modernism).
    speaks badly about humanity’s capacity to push forward (modernity).

    • Dennis

      most contemporary architecture speaks even more badly about “humanity’s capacity to push forward (modernity)”… most of what i see on these sites are grandstanding, egotistical architects producing increasingly distorted and meaningless forms. At least modernist architecture was trying to achieve something…

      anyway, architecture isn’t gonna solve society’s problems

      • daniel daou

        surely you need to ‘see’ more then.


    buena casa. very good. the modrenism live.

  • filipe Amaro

    PARABENS Jorge!!!!
    Edificio Magnifico!!!!
    E bom ver exemplos brilhantes, como o teu, a circularem na Web.

  • Dennis

    nothing wrong with some old school modernism! well done