Abstract White Apartment / Filipe Borges de Macedo

© Filipe Borges de Macedo

Architects: Filipe Borges de Macedo
Location: ,
Budget: 79,000 €
Project area: 220 sqm
Photographs: Filipe Borges de Macedo

© Filipe Borges de Macedo
© Filipe Borges de Macedo

The original space lacked quality, but the direct access from the street level to the second floor, together with its balcony magnificent views, revealed the apartment’s exceptional character. Adapting the existing to acquire a modern character, embracing the light and views of the Tagus and creating an abstract interior where the goals.


Functionally, we changed the location of the kitchen, the back we went to the balcony open to the Tagus. The separation between the room and the kitchen is done by a piece of furniture that houses two sliding doors. The kitchen then form a fluid space in conjunction with the room, and then we get the full extent of the street facade in a single plan, interior punctuated by four bays to the balcony running the Tagus.

© Filipe Borges de Macedo

Reformulating the corridor, the bathrooms and the articulation of the rooms we achieved to clarify the interior organization. The continuity of space and its abstract nature were the motto. The self-leveling floor together with the use of lacquer, glass and mirrors multiply light and reinforce the abstract nature of the intervention.

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  • rzepa

    Nothing special – it’s just designer furniture in white walls.

  • Gégé

    …but seemingly well done!

    btw> whos´s the artist of the lego man portrait in the living room??

  • johnson

    boring. just furniture. the space has no quality. just rooms. the skirting is ugly. the most beautiful part is the 3 windows in the living room, but the design didnt address that.
    and the barcelona chair looks cheap.

  • Karlis

    The space fulled with 80’000 eur stuff is not interior.

  • Beatriz Vitória

    Well done , it rocks and definitely deserves to be the winner!

  • Conceição Nobre

    Beautiful and very calm.
    Loved the light inside the house.

  • ariana roberts

    definitely a pleasant and well-lit atmosphere
    i really love that view