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We just received this very interesting building from Sebastian Nagy. This apartment house TRIANGOLO, located in Nitra, , was created as a dialog between natural predispositions, town and the construction site locality.

Further information and photos after the break.

© Sebastian Nagy

The apartment house TRIANGOLO was created as a dialog between natural predispositions, town and the construction site locality. The Nitra’s upland, Zobor and meander of the river Nitra represented basic inspirational dominants. Triangular parcel and the roof of harmonic curve together with dispositional and material concept eventually formed architecture into its final resemblance.

drawing 02
drawing 03

From typological point of view the building is a three-tract, the corridors of which are lit along the entire height by daylight from terminal vertical skylight. In the architectonic expression dominates mono-materialism, two facades of identical appearance and curved section of the roof with domes. The dispositional and also the constructional principle unroll from bearing ferro-concrete cores, which enabled creation of apartments in various size categories. Individual conception is also indicated by the house symbol located by the entrance to the house.

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  • valentin


  • jdcarling

    I really enjoy this project, but from what I can tell there is only 1 stair!!!!!!!

    Anyone see a second way out other than the window jumper!

    • valentin


    • valentin

      Ham comment for an ham project

  • sloaiza

    this is what result when u put in the blender 5 projects, pretending the result will be as good as them….
    BIG + MIRALLES + GAUDI + A SHIP + 2 spoon of sugar to make it sweet =)

  • guru

    the 8TH. photo showes it all!
    that’s what happens, when an architect has an facade-fetish, that handicaps his/her interiour knowledge. how can an architect “design” a space you’ll never be able to use?!

    you can’t even clean it up properly! just imagine, you want to using a vacuum cleaner in that corner :)
    it also must be great talk with family/friends, having a column between you :)

    thats how expensive sqft/m² occur.

    • sloaiza

      lol! u are sooo right! i love to chat with my family and friends with a column. This make the chat more adventurous.

  • R Goldschmidt

    I like the building volume, roof shape, but I have the same probleme abut this project like jdcarling, it is just one single stair, but also narrow hall. So (even that I’s an atheist) I can say: Please God take care of the people ho use this, and don’t let a fire to take pleace in here. I don’t want to be sadistic, but it will be so nasty on the evacuation.

  • Pokorny architekti

    I do not understand, why Mr.Nagy left out the authorship of Mr.Ivan Matusik!

    • jdcarling


  • sebastian nagy architects

    Pan Pokorny! chcel by som sa podakovat za otazku ktoru som si polozil aj Ja! V podkladoch ktore sme poslali mailom asi pred troma mesiacmi mailom na ARCHDAILY.COM bolo uvedene vsetko tak ako sa patri, neprisiel ziadny mail ani nic len som to tu teraz nasiel takto… poradte co stym? Sebastian Nagy

  • sebastian nagy architects

    Authors Ivan Matušík, Sebastian Nagy
    Project name: TRIANGOLO
    Location: Nitra, SLovakia
    Land area 1000 m2
    Built in space 5645 m3
    Built-up area 525 m2
    Number of apartments 15

    Realisation 2006 – 2008

    • jdcarling

      Just wondering why you didn’t need a second stair?
      Or how is a second exit handled in this project?
      Nice project!

  • steve banfill

    Where did they put the ship’s whistle?