Video: 30 square meter house in Japan

Do you think you could live in a house no bigger than a parking space? And not just by yourself, do you think you could live there with your mother? Apparently, Fuyuhito Moriya can. Check the video from CNN and tell us what you think.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Video: 30 square meter house in Japan" 17 Nov 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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    “It’s not because people WANT this tiny homes…” – yup. Don’t live in Tokyo then.. If I can’t live in a normal space when I work – I would change the city..

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    WHAT? $500,000 is too expensive for this ‘house’. It means that one s.q.m costs about $16,667!!! It is crazy!!!

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        Of course I also think the price is so high because of the land, but I never imagined that it cost so much. I fully understand the reason why it is common to see so many tiny houses in Japan.

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    This 30 sqm house would seem luxurious compared to some here in the Philippines which are single storey 20 sqm houses for a family of 5 with kitchen and bathroom.

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    Silly & impractical. For that amount of money, it would be way more economical to get an condominium – I did the math. For around 500,000 Yen/m², he could have purchased a *nice* condo with 83m² and two bedrooms.

    We humans are in fact territorial and do need a minimum amount of space to ourselves. Anything less can create feelings of anxiety and being trapped.

    I do however admire the space-saving strategies. Perhaps if he took an approach more like this transforming space:

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    Japanese homes are always tiny, and apartments are even tinier. There’s just really not enough space, so they always build up.

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    in Phillipines, you can see a 3 sq mtr self-made house with no doors and no toilet

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    This reporter was atrociously rude, mocking the people. Suggest her to clean her act up, or she won’t be hired in any major news station after.

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