OSB OFFICE / mode:lina

© Marcin Dondajewski

Designers from mode:lina have recently finalized their premises in an elegant 60′s building basement in Poznan, . Additional images and a brief description of their renovated offices after the break.

© Marcin Dondajewski

Faithful to the idea of using cheap materials without cheap appearance, designers used lacquered OSB boards for the flooring and furniture. Desks, also made of OSB, are covered with artificial leather to make sketching and drawing more comfortable. Luminaries are produced out of standard profiles used for gypsum-cardboard wall systems and fluorescents. OSB office furniture brings more intimate atmosphere and hides all the cabling and recycle bins.

© Marcin Dondajewski
Cite: Jarz, Hank. "OSB OFFICE / mode:lina" 13 Nov 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 18 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=87972>


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      It’s called vignetting, it’s a photographic technique. It can vary, like as a vignetting blur instead of black color.

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        yeah…. reminds me of my last concussion when I lost my eyesight for an hour. Not good.

        Cool interior though.

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      I believe the fish eye angles justify the vignetting, otherwise you’d have stretched areas of the photograph. They’re just trying to focus the view. How about critiquing the space based on it’s architecture, not presentation?

      If I were wearing socks in this space, I’d get slivers…. also, I can imagine a good many scuff marks near the corners as people accidentally kick the desks.

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    The space will work if it is kept clean. And the vignetting is annoying, creating contrast where there isn’t any.

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    bueno. primero que nada buenos dia. quisiera contarles de una solucion para sus terminaciones de las placas de osb en el sitema constructivo para la construccion. en cuanto al revestimiento exterior con terminaciones hidrorrepelente acabados de texturas y tratamientos de uniones de placas. con garantia con tratamientos elasticos para las uniones. si me dejan un numero de contacto les podre informar y posteriormente les podre hacer llegar muestas fisicas de nuestros productos de antemano muchas gracias

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