Dark Rift / Oglo + PPil

© Emmanuel de France

French architects Oglo + PPil shared with us their project ‘Dark Rift’, for which they received 2nd Public Prize in the International Garden Festival in . More images and architect’s description after the break.

© Emmanuel de France

The balance between what Nature and Artificial have created or shaped, may irreversibly be broken. Cyclones, earthquakes, seism, and burn down, break suddenly their work which crushes, collapses, burns off. Linear, homogenous and fruitless chaos both tears apart and moves closer nature and craft.

Eradicating with the same violence Nature and man’s work, it dissolves also their antinomy : chaos has equally rubbed their signs. If they where in conflict during existence, chaos comes and binds up with the emptiness, natural and artificial.

© Emmanuel de France

Chaos’ constant, inexorable and infinite strength appears through the horizontality of the dark fault, it represents the zero point, which is the reference level. Either in front of Nature or in front of Man, the whole garden shows us its strong superiority. Our garden aims to show the superiority of the chaos in front of natural and artificial.

The chaos is designed around a central track whose infinity is given back by the mirror reflecting reflection. However, as a fault, as a gap, this devastated spit of land is the disconcerting place from where one can’t make distinction between the pastiche and the genuine.

© Emmanuel de France

On the left hand side of this chaos state depicting, will be arranged perennials herbs which adapt to poor soil and hostile environment conditions. These plantations take place on a slightly contour bowed ground. The lines are voluntary curved in contrast with the straight part of the garden.

On the right side of the chaos track there is an artificial garden which symbolizes a human struggle against chaos. This part of the garden is same wise structured, it seems to be the natural part of the garden distorted reflection.

© Emmanuel de France

Architects: Oglo + PPil
Location: Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Project Team: Emmanuel de France, Arnaud Dambrine, Sébastien Demont, Hortense Reynaud
Production Team: Emmanuel de France, Arnaud Dambrine, Sébastien Demont, Anne-Claire Lemaignen, Pauline Soethoudt, Thaïs de Roquemaurel, Pauline Rabjeau, Marine Demandre, Aymeric Lebon, Damien Poirier, Johann van den Hende, Baptiste Chamourat, Augustin Caradec
Workshop partners: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles, K’fet, Architec’Tonic
Project Area: 250 sqm
Project year: 2010
Client: Municipio de Ponte de Lima
Photographs: Arnaud Dambrine & Emmanuel de France

Cite: P, Amber. "Dark Rift / Oglo + PPil" 06 Nov 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=87143>


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