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© Arhitektu Birojs Arhiidea

The idea behind the ESCLISE Mobile Design Home was to deliver a complete house with complete outer and inner finishing, installations and furniture. Thus volume and configuration of the structure results from transportation possibilities. The house is delivierd in two parts: upper and bottom part. Complete finishing of the two parts and carefully designed junction details allows a quick and easy installation in abput two hours by two workers + crane operation.

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© Arhitektu Birojs Arhiidea

The concept of ESCLICE house was inspired by traditional Latvian bread – a good slice of rye bread with fresh butter is enough to gain feeling of satisfaction without eating up the whole loaf.

site plan

Our every-day life need are often overestimated leading towards excessive consumption of material goods, including the space. The idea was to create a spatial structure that satisfies desire for high quality living and working environment yet reducing its costs, unnecessary space and ecological footprint to minimun; to create space, that is easy to use, adopt and shrink or extend; space that embodies fundamental feelings of home, warmth and safety. Home that can be easily taken with you to your favorite place, adapted to the context and your personal needs, a simple home with no stress.

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    Really interesting project, too bad its characteristics make it completely illegal in my country.

    Although it varies a lot with each region, I wonder whats the final cost per square meter.

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    Nice work (so it seems in pics) how comfortable is it to live in? I know people building illegally in the mediterranean coastline and I’d rather have them use your building than do something terrible. To be continued…

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