Olympia Tower / PZP Arhitectura

© Andrei Margulescu

Architects: PZP Arhitectura
Location: ,
Authors: Liviu Zagan, Costin Beekman, Robert Popescu, Marian Mihaiescu
Colaborators: Aukett Fitzroy Robinson – Paul Philips, Monika Mayova
Engineers: Popp & Asociatii, Miga AirVent, Conseng
Project Area: 14,500 mp
Project Year: 2005-2010
Photographs: Andrei Margulescu

A big space defined by communist block of flats, urbanism for the 80, rigid and alienated. On the other side of the boulevard, a sea of houses.

A space crowded between important streets that are intersecting in a place known as Munci square. The plot that must be developed is right in the middle of this storm…

ground floor
typical floor

The site is very small and is considered almost unbuildable because of the complexity caused by the underground networks, the nearby gas station or even because of the access problem caused by the network of crowded streets.

© Andrei Margulescu

Apparently a common brief, a common solution – an office tower.

The project takes the traffic flows of the area, both on sidewalks and on streets, from their sum resulting the building’s footprint on the ground.

© Andrei Margulescu

In order to confer personality to the building, the facade became the element which confers a dynamic attitude to the volume and the alignment will be the attitude to the surroundings – provoke and complete the square space.

The ground floor was designed to be open and transparent, with large glass surfaces to better integrate the building into the area and city life (otherwise quite used), and the facades potentate the entire assembly in a sculptural direction.

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  • Adam

    The exterior of the building is visually interesting, but the interiors are oppressive and not particularly functional.

    Black elevator lobbies with surface mounted fluorescent fixtures?

    You can’t circulate around the central core without exiting to the elevator lobby … really?

    The undulating ribbon window, that is somewhat pleasing from the exterior, makes for some pretty enclosed spaces from the interior with limited daylight and views. I would think that the envelope ‘idea’ could have been achieved while still providing comfortable space to the inhabitants.

  • Omikey

    Romainia… you sure they know how to keep one of these things standing up?

    Just a joke, don’t send Dracula.

  • FG

    The exterior and site plan are good, if not excellent, but it’s marred by the ineptness of the lighting – it’s getting to be trite, and I can’t imagine it functions (it being the lighting, not the building) well at all.

  • Jen

    I agree about the lighting. It is odd for an office building and it hampers the navigation of the internal space. Could almost work for a bar, but even bars need some strategy for their lighting.
    The envelope is a nice idea in principle but it has too many articulations which in turn resulted in small, contrived detailing around the windows.

  • neighbor

    For an inside information, the building was built on a former green area, ruined by the corrupted authorities. So, you can easily say it is definitely not a green design:))) As for the ribbons, there nothing new for international architecture. Seen a couple of them in Berlin 3 years ago. The only interesting thing about this building are the engineers, one of the most respected and talented team in Romania. I thing this building is a stain on PZP’s amazing portfolio. Too bad.

  • elena trasca

    this building is like a ‘worm” in the city stomach. it’s not white anymore and the color that has now is a sick color (sick grey). the line of the windows is so irregular when you look at it from the street that makes you sick. it dosent fit with the rest of the enviroment that makes you think it is a real “parasite” of the place.

  • Alex

    Love it, enhances the urban quality