Landmark on Cebeli Hill / 1/1 Architecture

Aerial View

Turkish Architects 1/1 Architecture has sent us their proposal for the Landmark Project on Cebeli Hill in , Turkey. More images and a quick architects description after the break.

Aerial View

In the Landmark Project of Cebeli Hill, with a new program that looks out new requirements and opportunities. The originality of Cebeli Hill is re-interpreted in the construction and silhouette fiction. The design that has the holistic green spaces, ecological solutions and to be include of local species in design fiction; contains global protection principles besides monumental structure’s contemporary architectural language.

Architects: 1/1 Architecture
Location: Antalya/Turkey
Design Team: E. Cihan Erkek (Landscape Architect), Yasemin Tonbul (Landscape Architect), Unsal Demir (Architect), Sinem Seren (Architect)
Client: Gazipasa Municipality
Area: 24.000sqm

Cite: Jarz, Hank. "Landmark on Cebeli Hill / 1/1 Architecture" 30 Oct 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • itpeople

    this is an example of poor digital architecture done by architect, here’s an example of cool digital architecture done not by architect

  • Esmerald

    there are many different elemets, which create an unique ensemble. it may appear as a naive composition, but this is, what makes the project a surprising experience. really nice.

    a comment on “itpeople”‘s comment:
    you must be albert, the unemployed architect from toronto, who is fishing (under fake names)on blogs for attention for your own blog – your alternative to architecture to make a living. there are some good jokes about you on twitter, but i wonder, why don’t you display your “legendary” pizza hut fit-out here, to face some criticism…

    • Henry

      This is not unique, but childish. LOL. Why to produce such a long post, Esmerald wasting our time. This project is bad.

  • Computer Age

    Legitimate design. Architecture and landscape create a great patchwork, leading to one very good contribution to Antalya’s context.

    @ Esmerald: Completely agree: there should be a campaign to get Albert Bendersky a job (Pizza Hut should be fine), just to keep him away from spamming his helpless self-promotion… or just try to help him to get his M.Arch.

    • Henry

      I enjoyed the link & writing actually. Way better than this odd project. Good thing people show some cool stuff. What’s a big deal?

  • critical

    This is quite a cool design.

    And it is quite funny to see Albert Bendersky taking on names like “itpeople” and “Henry” to promote himself and try to keep his reputation up (don’t worry – its lost anyway :)
    I would like to see the Pizza Hut design anyway :) come on, Albert…

  • ldy72

    Don’t bother Henry. Esmerald+Comp. Age is probably the same guy fooling around. I agree, this project’s weird,childishly unprofessional. Plus I like Archdaily for getting here new links, new names, new blogs & images, even if the presented job’s not so successful, like this one. Liked the link too btw; like your DM site. Nice stuff

  • Meira

    well said! its a new approach of design, and Albert Bendersky “supports” himself under the name of Idy72, Henry, itpeople, etc, etc.
    I agree: Albert should get a job, to get him out of here… such a sad history of his…

  • Kapur R

    don’t like this project it’s not serious just pictures

  • jocker

    Haha you are right people. Too many words for these pathetic images of the poor job. Right. That link fr. itpeole is waaaay cooler

  • mike-lee

    Esmerald, Computer Age, Critical, Meira you must be an author of this idiocy you are trying to protect so desperately

    • Franta

      This guy under these names – obviously a man, (yeah probably an angry author of this ‘pos’ who claims that this project is nice) must be really dumb. Now everyone checks the images and sees an absolute emptiness of tasteless approach. Gosh where those poisoness colors came from. Besides he’s done hell of an ad for the other guy he hates so much for whatever reason. must agree with jocker his link is witty, i had fun viewing it.

  • Suhrkamp

    Agree, Albert seems to have a lot of names, but not a face to show. Poor man.

  • Edmont

    What’s the fuzz all about? In my (very personal) opinion this appears like a very fresh design with a very great landscape concept, as well.
    If Albert, or anyone else, got a problem with this, I am sure he/she can come up with something challenging. Otherwise, there is no point to discuss further on the base of spamming.

  • PeterPen

    Who is this moron who comments on his own project and votes everyone else down? Your project stinks, buddy. Can’t hide it