House in Meco / Jorge Mealha

Located on a woody site at Meco beach nearby Sesimbra in the outskirts of Lisbon, this house aims to create close relationship with its  surrounding space, a beautiful natural landscape.

Architect: Jorge Mealha
Location: Carcavelos, Lisbon,
Project Team: João Sítima, Luís Banazol, Pedro Pereira, Rita Melância, Teófilo Raposo, Ricardo Manaia
Client: Paula Ribeiro
Project Area: 388,50 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Jorge Mealha

A set of restrictive regulations defined in the city council masterplan project had to be incorporated into the project.  Property setbacks, site access, and total amount of construction area and volume were just a few of the regulations that had to be considered.

 Jorge Mealha

The resultant form proposes an almost accidental arrangement of different and overlapped solids, dealing with mass, voids and balance. Windows are opened in an apparent free way trying to catch the most interesting spots in the surrounding landscape.

 Jorge Mealha

This house plays with materiality using a range of different finishes to organize form and identify spaces.  Main circulations, staircases and the bridge between the upper rooms, are defined by painted white metal and glass.

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  • rjc

    il take it…

    • Nick S.

      I don’t.

      • Gândavo

        I kinda sort of.
        Not so sure about solar incidence on the hall. I’m already feeling the heat.

  • INawe

    i love the massing and the materiality.