Antilia / World’s Most Expensive House

Courtesy Frédéric Soltan/ Corbis

We’ve featured quite elaborate projects on AD where project budgets that reach the millions seem almost normal.  Yet, this is something we haven’t seen: a house – yes, one house – priced at $1 billion dollars.  With a price tag like that, ’s richest man, and Forbes’s fourth richest man, Mukesh Ambani, along with his wife and three childen, will be calling the world’s most expensive residence “home.”

More about the house after the break.

Located in , the 27 storey, 173 meters high and 37,000 sqm floor space contains a health club with a gym and dance studio, at least one swimming pool, a ballroom, guestrooms, a variety of lounges and a 50-seater cinema, plus three helicopter pads on the roof and a car park for 160 vehicles on the ground floors.

The residence, which is larger than the Palace of Versailles, requires a staff of a staggering 600 people to keep everything operating smoothly.  Any contemporary ideas of energy efficiency and moderation have clearly been neglected for this outrageous display of wealth, which according to TIME, seems out of character for billionaire.  What do you think of the residence?

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  • Dima

    I wouldn’t live there
    1-security issues
    2-looks out of place
    3-too expensive in a way that doesnt respect the indian ppl

    • FELIPE

      This is a joke ?

      • fuzzybeard2016


    • Chris

      Well… no accounting for taste.

  • Marshall

    with $1Billion surely you could have built a more elegant building? that looks like Richard Rogers had a stroke and then drew the design…. im not impressed. he could have easily built a $100Million house and given the other $900Million to charities in poverty stricken India.

    • Tom

      Alot of confusion over the build cost v. value -I think it actually cost £44 million to build – the $1 billion refers to its value when complete (Mumbai being insanely expensive and booming).

      At £44 million looks like a bargain! Good to see a billionaire with imagination as opposed to predictably holing up in a neo-classical pile somewhere in the countryside!

      It is a bit Lex Luthor though…

    • ARCH

      Its VALUED at $1 billion 1stly. Cost £44million to build; an absolute bargain. This is Mumbai…one of the most insanely expensive places on the planet. 2ndly, it’s for the government to care for the poor. 3rdly, Ambani is known for his charitable organisations.

  • Cesar Castro

    I’d like to say something about the design itself, but given the location, the circumstances and the amount of money spent… it’s just obscene.

  • Flick

    Not only distasteful, but also sad.

  • Marcela

    It´s the most horrible building ever. A disaster.

  • Matthew

    Excessive ad nauseum.

  • MPArch

    he’s asking to get sniped..

  • kofi ofosu-ennin

    looks like a place where the devil will stay.

  • KL

    I call for dictatorship of the proletariat in India!!!

  • Tuf Pak

    I’m trying to figure out how $1billion was spent on this. It’s hard to spend that much money on what appears to be a 100m tower. It just doesn’t cost that much to build something like this, especially in a labor market like India.

    Is the interior clad in rhino skin and platinum? Where on earth did that much money go?

    • ARCH

      dumb paki: it’s VALUED at 1billion as it’s in Mumbai: insanely expensive and booming. It COST 44million…a bargain.
      Don’t see much in terms of architecture in terrorist camp Pakistan right?

  • Arquipablo


  • leonakan

    that must be the saddest thing i’ve seen in architecture lately…
    thats a huuuge step behind for the human kind

  • joninberlin

    I find it intetresting that the whore-of-an-architect wasn’t named.

    • Studio J

      It is designed by Chicago architects, Perkins & Will

  • jkharris

    Jeeeeezzzz! What a HORRIBLE thing!

  • Brent

    After being in Bombay and walking at the base of the this structure the photograph does it no justice. While I agree that it is absurd for such a large house as a display of materials, building methods, and proportions it is quite spectacular. Poor picture

  • mvb

    Here is the proof that a high budget building does not mean good architecture.

  • John

    It should be noted that the house did not cost 1 billion to build, it is worth one billion. The construction costs were approx 40% of that so the house actually accounts for about a 2.5 time increase in worth, which is not bad for a newly completed building project.

    Considering architectural qualities, it seems quite a few here are able to evaluate the whole architectural quality based on a single exterior photo. That is simply amazing.

    That said, the simple notion that a single family needs this much space and construction for their private life to be satisfactory is something that says more about the person inhabiting the space and the architect who agreed to the commission, rather than the build object itself.

  • Alex Gore

    Awesome! Just because people are jealous doesn’t make the building ulgy, or there comments insightful. I am not saying that making a building this big for one person is the right thing to do, but it is a pretty sweet building.

  • amonle

    Let’s set aside the moral issue for a minute – because we could go on about that forever – but this building is waaay out of scale with its surroundings and happens to be hideous. @Brent I have not seen it in Mumbai but I have seen many many other photos, and yes it is a dog.
    Also there is no way it is worth 1 billion. That is PR $%!@. For that price you could buy a Canary Wharf / Wall Street tower with real paying tenants in it.
    Why is all the press repeating the same nonsense.

    Now arch daily please provide a PhD dissertation section for why this building is inappropriate for the more obvious reasons.

    • William

      Exactly what are the infinite moral issues you moron? That this guy did better than those around him, while creating something from that which would otherwise not exist, that gives a living to countless others, is immoral because why? Because he ought to be responsible for those who might feel jealousy and inferiority by comparison? That to be moral in your eyes he ought to be faking humility for their sake? His not a thief, he’s a builder. Grow-up.


    I kond of like it..and find it interesting! :-)

    the way these halls seem to be stacked…and the spaces they must hide….
    quite radical I think

  • youri

    The original project was designed by SITE and the building cost announced was 145 millions dollars. I remember seeing it in whatever tachen books few years ago.

    The projet:

    I don’t know if they built it or if it has eventually been built bay another architects.

  • Silver Bullet

    U people r hating because he is the world 4th richest man and he owns a worlds most expensive house and all you guys just dreams of being that rich and just dreams to be in his shoes. give him some respect man.

    • adub

      what are you? 14?

    • Clotaire Rapaille

      Ahahahaha YOU HATERS !!!
      It was actually the dream of my grand grand father, and he went to Klondike… came back with a cow and 2 mules ! Geee ! I wish I would be THAT rich ! That’s why we are architects I guess …. MONEY !

  • omar


  • Talina

    Now really, is all that space necessary? It is a monster compared to all the 20 story buildings around it. Guess it would suit godzilla quite nicely.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Yeah, as a TARGET!

    • Clotaire Rapaille

      Nothing in this building is related to necessity, how can you ask that ?