House in Paço de Arcos / Jorge Mealha


Architect: Jorge Mealha
Location: Carcavelos, , Portugal
Project Team: Arch. João Sítima, Arch. Luís Banazol, Arch. Pedro Pereira, Arch. Marcelo Dantas
Client: Margarida e António Lemos
Project Area: 388.50 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2010
Photographs: Jorge Mealha

Located on an impressively sloping site in Paço de Arcos, a neighborhood of Lisbon facing the sea, this house proposes an arrangement of several solids trying to attenuate the overall mass due to a huge functional program requested by the client.

ground floor plan

A set of restrictive regulations, defined in the city council urbanistic project, from distances to borders, access and total amount of construction area and volume were also a condition to be addressed and surpassed.

© Jorge Mealha

The resultant form proposes a dialogue between a range of different solids and voids, using light to draw or reflect on the surfaces, proposing a changeable reading of space and volumes during the day.

The metal screening/shading devices, create large smooth textured surfaces on the facade of the house emphasizing forms and controlling the relationships between indoor and outdoor or between external and internal spaces.

© Jorge Mealha

The house is all white and the roofs are flat. Some circulations, as the staircase and main corridor, are in white painted metal slightly detached from the walls, leaving opportunity for light to pass in between.

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  • danyel_buc

    I understand white si the color of the moment but this look like a hospital reather than a house …

    • axel_pink

      Danyel,close your eyes and imagine that it’s pink or purple as all the houses around Bucharest and will be much better.If you can not appreciate a good project for your aesthetic sense is limited by what you see around every day,does not mean that this house is not among the most successful of what was presented here lately.

  • Quelava

    The interior is too white, not the exterior :-)

  • RemKool

    aborrecida casinha portuguesa de always…ate poderia ser de 1960 o 70… Tristeza nao tem fin

    • Pedrovski

      Só por ignorância se pode dizer algo do género…

    • asdfgh

      que labrego.
      tomara tu fazeres casinhas assim…

      (e atenção que não sou fã de toda aquela brancura, mas esta casa em termos formais/espaciais, de iluminação natural, de detalhes construtivos, etc. parece muito intererssante)

  • Nick S.

    white + white = too much white
    is this a freaking lab? no?
    ’cause I’d rather live in the CSI’s lab set!

  • Pedrovski

    Very interesting project in terms of volume. Very dynamic without
    get lost in excess. The only thing I do not like to see is the pavement
    white. If this were grayscale, would be much better and less painful to watch.

  • lele

    Nice house, please send mail to the draw cad for me ,

  • civitras

    by the third summer the “whiteness” will no longer be an issue to the owner: he will definitely be blind by then.

    Other than that its a wonderful house. interesting spaces and with plenty natural lighting, good detailing.
    would love to own it.

  • bLogHouse

    White is not an unusual color for the vernacular in many parts of southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. This project is inspired by that tradition and Richard Meier, of course. Nice design! What’s unclear, though,is the relation between the living room and the pool. Is this a movable screen?

  • up_today_arch

    Please, stop about the white… Exept white color it has nice solution about the shape and a lot of well done joints…