House in Macinhata / Nuno Brandao Costa

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Architect: Nuno Brandao Costa
Location: Lugar da Quinta do Monte, Macinhata da Seixa, Oliveira de Azeméis,
Collaboration: André Eduardo Tavares, Joana Restivo, Inês Pimentel
Client: Dr. Jorge de Jesus Ribeiro
Foundations and Structures: Ana Isabel Vale (AB Projectos)
Hydraulic equipment and installations: Ana Isabel Vale (AB Projectos)
Electricity & Safety: Maria da Luz Santiago (RS associados)
Hvac: Raul Bessa (GET)
Project Area: 313 sqm
Project Year: 2005-2008
Photographs: Courtesy of Nuno Brandao Costa

© Courtesy of Nuno Brandao Costa

The client wanted a house that would fulfil an old dream: to be in the living-room and watch the sea.

The land was high but not enough to get a glimpse of the water down there in the West.

plan -01
plan 00
plan 01

Thus, the house kept rising volume after volume until it reached the living-room, opened and looking at the sea.

Everything was inverted:

© Courtesy of Nuno Brandao Costa

A granite platform simulates a Northern house, placed on a stone threshing floor, with only two storeys. The third storey is hidden under the slope to open itself over Oliveira city, the bedrooms and below them the pool.

The windows, many and large, are opened to every direction so that the house faces everywhere.

© Courtesy of Nuno Brandao Costa

Upstairs the framework cuts out the westward landscape inside the living-room almost as a canvas painted only for this house, a dream once again drawn: “Ça c`est pour moi, le plus beau et le plus triste paysage du monde. C´est le même paysage de la page précédente, mais je lái dessiné une fois encore pour bien vous le montrer. C´est ici que le petit prince a apparu sur terre, puis disparu.” final excerpt of Le Petit Prince, Antoine Saint-Exupéry

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    Nice small house, real pearl… Almost all houses around us have rectangular shape (they are boxes), almost all vehicles have four vheels and aircrafts have two wings… this is life as it is… Thanks for executive drawings for this project. It is more important than pictures…

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    “portrait” house
    this design show ways to keep portraits of it’s site
    outside to inside at it own ways
    this design full of outside and it work greatly, facade showing a nature color but still has a strong “word” to says if this is a building not a rock
    in some ways this remind me of Ando Tadao work

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