These Tiny Homes for Oakland's Homeless are Built Entirely Out of Recycled Materials

Gregory Kloehn, an artist, construction contractor, and plumber based in Oakland, California, has created miniature homes for the homeless in his community. Inspired by a book he compiled of pictures of the structures that homeless people had constructed on the streets, Kloehn used his creative skills to build them miniature homes. He told NationSwell, “I really just ripped a page out of the homeless peoples’ book, their own game plan.” His first completed home was given to a couple he had become friendly with while photographing for his book. The home came complete with a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

According to NationSwell, Kloehn has built thirty-five miniature homes complete with wheels for transportability and locks for safety and privacy. All of his materials are sourced from local dumpsters. Kloehn also leads workshops and classes to give lectures and to teach the community how they can pitch in and help the homeless. His work has inspired other designers and builders to build small homes for the homeless in places like Los Angeles, Tucson, and even countries abroad.

Read more about his homes on his website, here.

News via NationSwell

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