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Swedish architects We Are You shared with us their latest project “ by Bike”, a gift they offered along with Super Sustainable to the city of Jönköping. It is a proposal for a sustainable future development where biking is one of the leading aspects. More images and architect’s description after the break.

The municipality of Jönköping has presented 3 strategies for the future development of the city and how it is proposed to focus its’ growth until 2050 (see diagrams below). Jönköping is planned as one of the main train stations along the new speed train track, “Götalandsbanan”. Moreover will it be connected to the Europe tracks and all this gives the city a unique position in the region.

Courtesy of We Are You

Train with the speed of 300 km/h decreases the distances and creates commuting possibilities between Jönköping and larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

We Are You and Super Sustainable have presented a 4th strategy for the future of Jönköping, a strategy where the focus of interest is located inside a central area defined south of Munksjön – “the city lake”.

Courtesy of We Are You

Instead of doing as in the strategies from the municipality and extend the city outwards should the leading principle be to densify and expand the city as close as possible to the existing city centre.

Guiding points in the urban planning
have been to create:
- Small neighbourhoods with identity
- Main paths with different characteristics
- A mixed program
- Variation in spatial experiences
- Possibilites for healthy and environmentally friendly living
- An average density of at least 70 dw/ha.

And of course…
- A town where everybody use a bike!

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  • mrSelden

    I’m envious of the Scandinavian mentality… although only in Copenhagen is the tax on cars at 300% and gas $6/gallon. I wonder if urban communities in the US will ever be able to pull that off.

  • iChin

    I live in Chicago, a city thats (cl)aiming to be one of the greenest cities and we do have a nascent bike share system , but we are still a drivers’ city at the end of the day… it really is about the mentality and street culture which the proposal is getting at. its not about investing in the bikes and setting up stations but rather the urban planning efforts and long term vision and ‘we are you’ has the right idea

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    http://caulacbo.tk – the best social for architect

  • Brad Sutton

    This scheme reminds me of Christopher Alexander’s “The City is Not A Tree”. Much too rigid and formulaic to ever work as a real city I think. People get around in more ways than just bikes, and this plan rejects that fact.

  • Alison Furuto

    What better way to promote sustainability, a clean, healthy environoment and social interaction all in one place. I wish more proposals could be incorporated in the U.S. Even if funding is not available, the mere fact that architects have this in mind would stimulate students to think more on this level.