St Laurentius / C18 Architekten

© Brigida Gonzalez

Architects: C18 Architekten
Location: Rottenburg‐Hailfingen,
Client: Kath. Kirchengemeinde St. Laurentius
Project Area: 340 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Brigida Gonzalez

The town centre of Hailfingen is characterised by simple, rural building structures. The situation “behind the church” features attractive open spaces.

Our thoughts to shaping the structure are defined by analogies to the townscape of Hailfingen.

© Brigida Gonzalez

By architectonic interventions like the solid construction of the buildings volume and the size of openings in walls, habitual perception patterns are challenged and indicate the special use of the new parish hall in the village context.

© Brigida Gonzalez

A steep roof with double plain tile covering and plastered walls establish references to rural and traditional building. Few large scale windows with trim moulding allow views in and out.

© Brigida Gonzalez

The interior surfaces are smooth and without joints. They stand in contrast to the outer form of the structure. In the foyer the buildings volume can be grasped. The gallery on the upper floor brings an alleyway to mind from which three chambers can be accessed.

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  • vepar

    C18 Architekten-> C18? is not this perhaps a neo-Nazi organization/Combat 18?

    • Ard Buijsen

      you sir, are an idiot!

      • vepar

        there is no need for insults, but the C18 is much longer than the said Bureau. and then for example if I call my office “Hitler 46″ what do you mean what is it? C18 is the name that has existed for a couple of decades, and if some one adds to that name just a continuation of an architect, that someone is either uneducated or sipmatizer the organization. Are you satisfied now?

  • freq

    vepar is halucinating.. oh here, I gotta share a recommendation from “you might also like”, right on this page: the NZI Centre! That surely stands for NAZI centre! HA! Now go back to the land of delusion pls.

  • Rob.i

    great architecure. just a few and delicate modifications to the typology can bring wonderful results.

  • kc


  • anatole

    I was already to bite on the understated, eccentric and minimal almost siza-like exterior, but then all the theatrics on the inside plan are negated by the dismissing of the potential volume under the roof and/or some kind of tectonic tour de force that produces that wonderful roof shape. sad, just another exterior shape and volumetric opportunity lost.

  • up_today_arch

    Looks and made like paper model… Gut gemacht! Very stylish…

  • Dennis


  • Małgorzata

    Lovely, beatiful and warm building. It has all i love in architecture: simplicity, charm and originality.

    I’ve just seen their other projects and i’m impressed especially by their extremaly good taste in choising the interior materials.

    Pitty, their website is not in English,only in German.

  • The Big Black & White Zebra

    These are some of the most inventive projects – where very little does so much… could this be a real development of Mies’, ‘… less is more’?
    Huge conformation to the village architecture here but the roof line, the cement margins around the openings, the distribution of them and the plan really give a unique quality that defines an ongoing tradition of vernacular architecture at the highest level….
    you feel this has to be lime render, oak frames and hand made clay tiles – if not, you get that sense that it is and the building has been not just hand built but hand made.
    This is not some bucolic nostalgia and I am as big a fan of the machine for living in, but ‘horses for courses’, I take my hat off…
    Shame to end on a downer…. the interiors do little justice to the exterior – poor. I maybe wrong but is that vinyl flooring and how does the machined aesthetic and intent of the glazed sliding screen fit in with the overall conception? Lighting a bit predictable and pedestrian… anyhow – top marks here!