Hoeve Nooitgedacht / Architectenbureau di’t

© Architectenbureau di’t, G.J. van Leer

Architect: Architectenbureau di’t
Location: Gravenweg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Project architect: G.J. van Leer
Structural engineer: Adviesbureau Versteeg
Design: 2008
Realization Year: 2009-2010
Photographs: Architectenbureau di’t, G.J. van Leer

plan 01
section 01

An old derelict farmhouse near the centre of Rotterdam, came in the market as a building site. Van Leer recognized the quality of the existing building and designed a plan to restore the old building, including an expansion that would bring back the original volume of the house. De rear part of the farm had collapsed in the 1950’s.

© Architectenbureau di’t, G.J. van Leer

The old house has been given a new foundation and has been restored. On the front the building hasn’t changed, but behind the old building is an extension in radical new materials. On the inside and the outside materials have chosen that have the same rustic quality and color tones as the original building bit are al in contrast: the old building is masonry, painted and roof tiles, the new part is untreated , slate and steel.

© Architectenbureau di’t, G.J. van Leer

The extension is covered with an open wood cladding, the cladding is continued on the windows in the form of shutters with the same wood and the same rhythm, thus rendering an abstract continuous form. The extension is a “shadow” of the old building.

Products in this project

Construction materials, Semi-finished materials: Kemie

  • Worktops: Ceramistone by Kemie

Joinery: De Kock Van Gelder

  • Windows: Slim Slide by De Kock Van Gelder

Mobile Partitions/Suspended Ceilings/Raised Floors: Kingspan

  • Insulation: K10 by Kingspan

Roof: Hertel

  • Roofing / Waterproofing: EPDM by Hertel

Walls: Kotahstone

  • Slate by Kotahstone
Cite: "Hoeve Nooitgedacht / Architectenbureau di’t" 22 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=74045>
  • Nom_de_Guerre

    So simple and straightforward- I loved epic, futuristic renders in college but this is the type of project I’d love to make nowadays.

    • http://www.architectenbureaudit.nl GJ van Leer

      Thank you very much. This is my first project on Archdaily. I thought is was special and glad you think so too

  • http://www.studio13house.tumblr.com studio13

    this is actually a cool house to live in. humble, but it doesnt lack of treatments on the details. like it. keep it up.

    • http://www.architectenbureaudit.nl GJ van Leer

      Thanks, I actually live in it :-)

      • Kamiel

        What kind of wood was used? How was it treated?

  • G.J. van Leer

    Tachi, it isn’t treated

    • Kamiel