World’s Tallest Steel Buildings

Willis Tower: Tallest Building - © Flickr skydeckchicago

Did you know that the Sears Tower (now renamed as the Willis Tower) is currently the tallest steel building in the world?

Tall steel buildings are possible thanks to Fazlur Khan, SOM engineer behind several innovations in terms of structural design. On Construction Week Online we found this list of the ten tallest steel buildings in the world, with Kahn’s buildings on the 1st, 5th and 10th place.

Ranking ten tallest steel building
Courtesy of Construction Week Online

All the buildings after the break:

2) Empire State Building

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s Aamir Yanus (cc)

3) Aon Centre

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s markhillary

4) The Centre

the centre hong kong
(cc) Photo by Flickr´s thewamphyri

5) The John Hancock Centre

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s wallyg

6) Minsheng Bank Building

(cc) Photo by Architecture And Planning

7) China World Trade Centre III

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s Michael Kan

8) The Chrysler Building

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s david.nikonvscanon

9) The New York Times Tower

(cc) Gubatron, via Flickr

10) The US Bank Tower

(cc) Photo by Flickr´s johnwilliamsphd

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  • David

    I believe the picture of the Aon Centre is the wrong one. The picture is of the one in LA when I think it’s supposed to be the marble covered Aon Centre in Chicago.

  • ArchInTraining

    They renamed the Sears tower? Willis tower isn’t a good name for such a beautiful building, i like Sears tower so much more.