In Progress: Beekman Tower / Frank Gehry

© David Assael - Arch Daily

Our director, David Assael, took some shots of Gehry’s latest creation – a wavy residential tower clad in undulating metal panels.  While still in the construction phase, it is easy to get the overall idea of the structure.  In person, the tower demands attention as its presence, due both to scale and materiality, is unmatched within its context.  Throughout the day, the light plays upon the curves making the hard metallic color almost glisten.   Some of Assael’s photos capture the tower in the early evening – the perfect time of day to see the reds and oranges of the setting sun against the building.  What do you think of Gehry’s skyscraper?

More of Assael’s photos after the break.

Read more about Gehry’s tower here.

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "In Progress: Beekman Tower / Frank Gehry" 08 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • Albert

    Extremely interesting indeed. Especially close shots. Thanks.
    A bit reminding of a new Aqua Tower language in Chicago, but definitely recognizably Gehr-ysh. I personally like Gehry’s building more. It is more subtle in terms of the plastic. Kinda more original. Anyway it would be interesting to see how the building does commercially during the crisis, i.e. will Gehry brand attract customers? (From what I heard & saw about Aqua in Chicago it is not selling very well)

    • bruce k

      albert, go home

      • b. kuwabara

        eric you are jerk!

      • Albert

        Who’s home?
        Is it really Bruce Kuwabara from kpmb? Doubt it , he’s too cool to bother this little dispute

      • shirley blumberg

        bruce, get back to work

      • b. kuwabara

        I bees on mes lunch, leaves mes alone blum.

        b.k. to da fullest!

  • a

    Looks like another tower in dubai…

  • jeff

    yawn!, I don’t see much of anything with this.His gift of sculpting space does not work at all with this building. This is a issue with a lot of talented architects, their ideas do not always work in tall buildings

  • Dan

    Its sad that after a few really creative projects during his career, Gehry’s work is now reduced to a ‘branding skin’ that is applied to a building – and it does not alter the way the building works in any way. To me it seems a cartoonish application, like where you see birdhouses dressed in the guise of famous architectural styles.

    • Ozmoto

      Frank Gehry will be known as one histories great architectural designers… Jeff and Dan will be known as… Jeff and Dan.

      • Albert

        You hold too high opinion of them. Those are anonymous nicks.
        They are completely unknown creatures and will stay this way.
        All they can do is to vote “down” cowardly on this board. Big deal!
        It doesn’t interrupt us to enjoy creative geniuses like Mr. Gehry with all his advantages and disadvantages… After all it is Frank Gehry, right?

      • james

        Jeff’s comment is absolutely correct. Many ideas do not translate well to tower form.
        Dan’s comment is also correct. Ghery has become a parody of himself- even the simspsons knew that.

        comments from you ozmoto and albert are pathetic. Either one of you is frank ghery and is taking valid criticsm too personally, or you are both just pathetic taggers on who can only rebut with personal attacks.

      • Dan

        I don’t disagree with you Ozmoto. I’m not saying Gehry isn’t talented and doesn’t deserve a place in history. I’m simply saying this building is way below what he can do (and where the fault for that lies, I don’t know.).

        You’re right…I’m just Dan. Unless Jeff and I use this flash-in-the pan moment to become famous critics ourselves…unlikely, but just trying to keep this light-hearted.

      • Leonardo Ximenes

        The building blocks the view of the great Woolworth building from Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s terribly bright on sunny days. In short, a disastrous addition to Manhattan’s skyline. Architects like Gehry usually become famous during their lifetime and infamous forever after.
        Btw, kudos to Dan for his polite response.

  • threads


  • rodger

    thanks (not) for censoring my last comment that took issue with your “director’s ‘photographic skills or lack there of. i hope he got the message. I love arch daily and i hate to see its reputation blemished with such photographic flippancy. most of us could get better exposure with our iphones… .. and another point: the sunset shots, as if you haven’t noticed, this the titanium skin of this building creates terrific lighting effects when lit by sunset light. why would i want to see a silhouette of this building at sunset?
    i mean really!!

  • igor

    I see this building as a perversion of contemporary architecture. Just the fact that it resembles the traditional building typology of NY with Gehry’s ‘twist’ makes me sick. Rather than being an example or a critique of contemporary skyscraper architecture, it looks like yet another expensive caprice result of Mr. Gehry’s ‘genius’..

    And It does look like another building in dubai. Sorry NY.

  • Jegan

    I agree with Jeff and Dan. The Building will be known to everyone because its by Frank Gehry. I hardly see the character. Looks like one more tall skyscraper in Dubai or Newyork… unless you look close .

    • Ryan

      I agree. I also agree with Jeff and Dan: this is not his best work and if you get close to it you will see that the intended effect is lost because the building is flat on one side and the wavy effect from the renderings doesn’t translate (or hasn’t yet at 75% completed.

      But why are people arguing about this stuff…opinions are like as$h**es, everybody has one. Let’s keep it civilized folks.

  • threethirtyone

    I work there! :)
    hehe i get to see the thing go up from the inside out. nothing too spectacular inside to be honest.. most of the budget was blown on the expensive curtain wall which is quite interesting the way its assembled and snapped together.. but other than that its a pretty cookie-cutter building

    spectacular to look at from down by city hall though, it always draws comments from people walking by on the street. its all about Gehry’s brand

  • Philippe

    Starchitect gimmick applied to a wrong volume. Epic Fail.

  • Liam

    This is horrendous. Frank Gehry is horrendous.

  • abdullah

    complete lack of creativity in terms of form and structure.

  • Peter

    I would agree with abdullah. It is a process of wrapping a rather banal and run of the mill spatial structure to be filled with apartments/office space designed in a style completely unrelated to the building shell for the unimaginably wealthy. Its architecture as banal as it comes.