Oporto House / hoffice

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Architects: hoffice
Location: Porto,
Project Team: Ricardo Dias Pinto & Paulo Pinto
Client: Vasco Barbosa and Cristina Barrias
Collaboration: Alexandre Regado
Engineering: AB Projectos
Project Year: 2006-2010
Photographs: Pedro Barbosa & Ricardo Dias Pinto

The program content and management of same for pre-existing claims to meet the expectations expressed by the client so that it is possible to constitute a dwelling type T4 within certain parameters.


The existing building, for his image structured, architecturally defined, and its close relationship with the adjacent facades of the project was provided to maintain the façade subjecting it to only the necessary adjustments resulting from the introduction of a new range in order to be able the car access to the interior of the new housing so as to maintain existing coverage while maintaining unchanged quota overhang that allows the maintenance of the existing fence.

© Courtesy of hoffice

It is intended that this new facade will be integrated into existing materials in compliance with either predominant either formal relationship with the other spans. The programmatic increase compared to the situation culminated in the demolition of existing dwellings, the rear facade and the introduction of a new floor, and the compatibility of the facade with the new program required the adoption of solutions as the platform lift for parking the car so as the lowering of the quota implementation of the new construction is going to consist of one floor below the quota threshold and two floors above it, without, however, neglecting relations with the public place by making it a constituent part of the project by the way they enhances the dialogue between it and the different levels and functions of the proposed construction.

© Courtesy of hoffice

So, he devoted himself to the second floor of this proposal to function ‘sleep’, consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom and one suite. The suite, oriented to the East and in total harmony with the existing openings intended for the couple and the other two quarters, fully similar, oriented to the West and in constant visual contact with the street, the children.

© Courtesy of hoffice

In the new Level 0, limited to the current area of deployment of the property, developed the space for parking, health support, kitchen and dining room, devoting the space to lounge and first floor office to the new (intermediate). These new floors, in how they articulate with each other and the street at first and the second floor a second time, seek to respond to customer expectations, restructuring the organizational and functional re-qualifying the “image” of the new housing.

Products in this project

Construction materials, Semi-finished materials: Knauf, Laminam, Ursa Glasswool, Grupo Puma, Imperalum, Saint Gobain

  • Laminated plasterboard by Knauf
  • Porcelain laminate by Laminam
  • Glass wool by Ursa Glasswool
  • Adhesive cements by Grupo Puma
  • Waterproofing by Imperalum
  • Glasses by Saint Gobain

Floor: Jular

  • Wood floors by Jular

Joinery: Schüko

  • Joinery by Schüko

Roof: Onduline

  • Sub roof by Onduline

Walls: CIN

  • Paintings by CIN
Cite: "Oporto House / hoffice" 20 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=69317>
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    Well detailed but a very expected or regular kind of work. Boring project!

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      this is refreshingly tasteful – it’s not boring, it’s simply quiet

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    Now I really love the “PRODUCTS IN THIS PROJECT” feature. I have not felt the need to buy a coffee table monograph-type book in a long time – and features like this will mean that those books become a thing of the past
    well done!

  • Filipe

    Olá Ricardo & Paulo,
    Os meus parabens pelo projecto e por esta publicação!!!
    É bom ver projectos bonitos…

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    very clean project.
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    You guys do a very nice work in your blog anyway.

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