Vanity Fair’s World Architecture Survey

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Vanity Fair asked 52 of the world’s leading architects, critics, and deans of architecture schools for their five most important buildings constructed since 1980, and for the greatest work of architecture thus far in the 21st century. With 28 votes, the most voted building since 1980 was ’s in Bilbao, Spain.

You can see the complete answers of the 52 respondents here. Seen at

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Vanity Fair’s World Architecture Survey" 07 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    Steven Holl- the Hubble Space Telescope is niether a building monument or bridge.

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      The Hubble may not be a building in the traditional sense, but it’s still a large structure that someone had to design, and probably one of the three best-known objects in space. And pretty much every image we have of space–every picture of a planet or nebula–came from the Hubble. It has single-handedly shaped the way that we perceive our universe. If an architect, architecture student, urban planner, or critic can’t recognize the power of an object like that, then his perception of the world that he’s designing may be somewhat questionable.

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    Several of these pricks voted for themselves!!!

    Eric Owen Moss (prick)
    Richard Meier (voted for himself twice!!!!!)
    Libeskind (never met him)

    I’m still going through the list…

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      Ando as well i believe.
      I dont know the guy at all but I’m sure he’s an awful person.

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      Its nonsensical to expect architects to not vote for themselves. If you design a building you think that thats the best way to do it. If you now think that someone elses work is better, then why didn’t you design in that other architects manner to begin with, or adapt subsequent work accordingly. As an architect you have to think your work, your way of designing is the best, otherwise you undermine the your very abiity to make decisions.
      Vanity Fair should have just stipulated that you have to vote for someone elses work, if those are the kind of results they wanted

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        It shows humility when you don’t vote for your own work, let others decide.

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        1.If you have dignity and decency, your vote should be as unbiased and impartial as possible.
        2.You should be aware that you are always biased towards your own work, everybody is.
        Therefore, you shouldn’t vote for your work – decide on the work of others and let them decide on yours.
        If you vote for yourself, you are a prick.Period.
        Is it nonsensical to expect architects to have some decency?!

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    Peter Zumthor makes me feel ok about this list. He is perhaps one of the most underrated architects that is currently practicing. I’m really glad to see he wasn’t glossed over.

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    Frank Gehry not enough of a prick to vote for himself (who knew?)
    While Eric Owen Moss (who the f*ck does he think he is?) actually voted for himself… :facepalm:

    If I had to pick a list I’d choose Gehry’s or Moneo’s.

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    I went to the Vanity Fair link…. wow….ESPN’s Erin Andrews. Now that’s architecture.

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    he’s not underrated – everyone and their mother knows about him since he won a pritzker

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      I assume you mean Zumthor, and you are right, more people know about him since he won the Pritzker, but most of the general public doesn’t even know what the Pritzker Prize is. He isn’t even acknowledge by people outside of the architecture profession, as are a large number of very skilled designers. All I’m saying is that there are lists upon lists of Top buildings/architects/designers, etc. that seem to ignore a lot of very well designed buildings created by very talented designers in favor of names that are more commonly known to the general public. Maybe I am being a little too cynical; that can happen from time to time.

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    Where the heck is Calatrava’s work in this list?? Amazing!
    Tadao Ando – minimal palette of materials, but powerful stuff. I like his work.

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