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A New Landmark for Aldgate International Competition submission by Sean Gair

Sean Gair shared with us his submission for the New Landmark for Aldgate International Competition. Within the historic area Aldgate, on the eastern edge of the City of London, GINA (Global Information Network Amplifyer) could stand for the duration of the year 2012, coinciding with the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

More images and architect’s description after the break.

GINA was concieved through the exploration and desire to embody the pride London boasts with its hosting of the XXX Olympiad in the summer of the year 2012. The structure will contain hundreds of fluctuating ‘trend pods’ that will ultimately hold and represent the global interests of 2012 and the Olympic aspirations of nations all over the world.

Social networking traffic and real time global interests will be monitored using simple online applications and proportionally quantified into litres of volumetric helium gas. Consequentely each popular keyword often in the form “Olympics” will be allocated its own pod, and sister keywords within similar topics will be clustered in close proximity to each other.

Epitomizing the City’s regeneration of the area of East London and serving as not only a functional amenity for providing information through a real time visualization, the intervention will also act as a transient moment of spatial/geographic interaction, organizing ones knowledge of their local and global environments. It is believed that through creating a habitable diagramatic architecture, GINA will act as a thriving ‘data signpost’ reinforcing the distinctive character of the Aldgate site. GINA would bring the street to life before, during and after the olympic and paralympic games.

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