In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out


We first heard about the new Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) building by OMA during the peak of the new chinese construction revolution. Then we saw Rem Koolhaas breaking ground together with the Chinese government, and capitalism in started to have a tangible representation.

The new building for the NASDAQ equivalent (730 high tech companies & startups, moving over US$500 billion) has now topped out at 246m.

“For millennia, the solid building stands on a solid base; it is an image that has survived modernity. Typically, the base anchors a structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not gravity. In the case of Shenzhen’s almost virtual stock market, the role of symbolism exceeds that of the program – it is a building that has to represent the stock market, more than physically accommodate it. It is not a trading arena with offices, but an office with virtual organs that suggest and illustrate the process of the market.”


The project is based on pure volumes, a combination of a tower and a podium suspended 36m high. The podium is one of the biggest cantilevers in the world, an operation that liberates the ground to create a big public plaza which is visually connected (representing the new economic openness) to the lower part of the tower and the podium itself, the places were the stock exchange operations take place. Above the podium, there is a series of office space for internal operations of the SSE, totaling 200,000sqm for the entire building.

The tower’s structure is a robust exoskeletal grid overlayed with a patterned glass skin – the first time such glass has been used for an exterior at this scale. The patterned glass reveals the detail and complexity of construction while creating a mysterious crystalline effect as the tower responds to light: sparkling during bright sunshine, mute on an overcast day, enigmatic at dusk, glimmering during rain and glowing at night.


The building is expected to be completed by August, 2011.

Renderings afte the break:

Cite: Basulto, David. "In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out" 28 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Daniel Edgell

    "@t_gowan: In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out #architecture"

  • Mark Gardner

    RT @archdaily: just received more info on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA, updating post…

  • edub

    hideous – no doubt.

    “biggest cantilever in the World”… big whoop….

    • TMACPI

      EMBT – Torres del gas in Barcelona?
      More stylish, more cantilevered (seems), less boring?

  • Lars van der Werf

    En ondertussen bouwt Rem Koolhaas met OMA nog steeds overal gedrochten van gebouwen:

  • juan pedro lópez
  • juan pedro lópez
  • mike

    rubbish and lazy…. OMA and their cantilevers are becoming too freqeunt…it’s like fast food design, and not architecture…

  • ko

    fast food is food too.

    • ok

      yes it is food… bad food

  • Maranatha Purcell

    In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out | ArchDaily: We first heard about the new Shenzhen Stock Exch…

  • jfa

    simple and strong,love it

    • Alexander

      uh this is so simple it lacks architecture completely, its almost like an engineer did it.

  • Dopey

    Are you F%$#’N KiddiN me?
    And this guy was set to change the face of architecture as we know it? Or may be he has and we are living in it…
    too bad..

  • ara

    same truss structure,,and steven holl’s facade.

  • Christine de Baan

    RT @archdaily: In Progress: Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA tops out #architecture

  • Jakov

    if the cantilever has been set lower, at least, it could provide some protection from the elements, this way it is only a figurative element. Pity.

  • Brion

    Mr. Koolhaas, Mies is very angry at you !!

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  • ki

    fast food is not food..dont be deceived :)
    CAntilever..whatever…it’s such a boring looking building, you can’t make it even more boring from what it is now..
    Looking at it makes me kind away..

  • dc

    i just dun understand why does it need that cantilever part? what is it for? for making the “architecture” iconic? koolhaas is a great guy, he got so many new ideas, i like his seatle library, but somehow i just cant accept this kind of “architecture”

  • marinaD

    Simple, and perfect.
    The best estructure

  • Jay

    He’s giving us the finger.

  • Chiaro Scuro

    Rem totally phoned this one in.

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  • K

    folks, this is a new prototype for the high density in Chinese cities, it is very smart and persuasive. I like it.

  • jibrur

    haha.middle finger building

  • mike

    well, the proportions are not pretty at all

  • ratu

    steven holl wants his windows back, and he wants Rem to go design his own ones….this is bad, boring and proof that his name is getting him projects, and not the quality of his work….his strike rate, considering the amount of projects they work on each year, keeps going down….this is terrible….enough with the CANTILEVERS!!

  • M

    well….reaaly can’t say it is a nice one….