Gallery Yeh / Unsangdong Architects

Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

Architects: Unsangdong Architects
Location: SinsaDong, GangNam, ,
Design Team: Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon
Construction: GuJin Industrial Development Co.Ltd
Client: Lee Sook Young
Site area: 567.5m2
Gross floor area: 1,995.14m2
Photography: Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

Enormous urban ‘canvas’ has been attempted through the project ‘Gallery Yeh’. ‘Canvas’ is the wall of the building as well as a piece of experimental artwork that indicates a sign of the upcoming change of the new gallery. If typical canvas can be thought as two-dimensional medium, the canvas we have developed for the gallery is the spatial skin developed out of the new code found between the floor plan and the three-dimensional medium. Two-dimensional aspects of the wall have now become the opportunity to deform into space.

Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

Such work is similar to searching for the new generation of space out of structure between the folded and smooth, continuous skin. ‘Spatial skin of the fold’ indicates the process of generating multiple layers hidden behind the single layer of the architectural skin. Skinscape can be initiated by simply acknowledging urban fabric as rather the envelope structure. Looking at the city as an enormous folded surface, continuous and sequential.

‘Skinscape’ can be said an experimental text attempted by combining the architectural skin and the loose meaning of the term ‘scape’. It is organized through the formula of skin plus other elements and layers as variable? skin plus structure, skin plus space, skin plus program… and etc. Then we can imagine its physical deformation. Process of finding the new spatial model is closely linked with ‘Skinscape’, with its variables possible to be maximized by removing the excessive spatial elements or adding up more spatial ‘fat’.

Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

The concept applied in ‘Gallery Yeh’ can be categorized as ‘Spatialization of Skin’ and/or ‘Mediazation of Skin’ – screen for the skinscape can be the medium to provide exhibit information as well as the huge canvas attracting outside events. Space for the skinscape offers unique spatial experience of puncturing through multiple layers of skin, in which each of its layers come as different spatial quality. ‘Spatial Surfing’, ‘Skin Surfing’, ‘Pictorial Surfing’, ‘Organizational Surfing’, … are some of the codes appearing along such experience, while each surfing twists and intertwines to create spatial complexity as a whole.

Courtesy of Unsangdong Architects

Like ‘Crack of Armor’, skin is not the surface that envelopes the space, but is bound by air that is light material and metaphorical interpretation and irony behind the new possibilities of space. The framework of heaviness is gained through the lightness, the quality of the skin is linked with the possibilities of creating gaps, so thus the space become enriching experience of discovering the hidden layers of logic and irony. thus the space become enriching experience of discovering the hidden layers of logic and irony.

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  • wai

    very interesting approach to facade treatment and massing, spatialization in skin made the supposedly-heavy-facade looks as if it breathes lights, air, and activities. interesting play of heaviness and lightness. would be interesting to see this folded skin unfolds horizontally into the surrounding landscape too!

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      Beatful building ! Work perfect in the city landscape.

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    whaaaaat? a sculptural wall that is begging for a raison d’être.

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    Very nice

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    Outstanding project!! It’s especially nice to see the process of diagrams and facade studies.

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    i like it!

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