Ride the Danish pavilion in Shanghai

We have seen the Danish pavilion on its conceptual stage, during construction, completed and finally opened to the public.

And now we got the chance to “ride” it with Bjarke Ingels from BIG, and get a closer look at the experience that the giant loop of the pavilion offers to the visitors, to have a little taste of the danish way of life.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Ride the Danish pavilion in Shanghai" 22 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=65448>
  • jose recio

    tha is awesome, a complete interaction with a building, done

    Good job!!

  • internautas

    I’m sick of Bjarke’s comercials… He’s like CocaCola…

    • never

      You’ll never understand until you start your own firm.

    • JNK

      I like coca cola…

  • Lil Jimmy

    We….get it. Nice music btw, oy ve

    • internautas

      Are you kidding?! Thhe music is terrible…

  • Teo

    This looks really amazing, I would want to go there for sure.

  • lye

    is it a special request to ride the bicycle?
    Because when I was there, they just keep pushing for the flow of the public in and out of pavilion, and the bicycles are all locked.
    anyway, great job and I love the cycling experience through pavilion. good job BIG!

  • seeddesign

    Great tour, nice work!!!!

  • Moloko

    This is a Pavillion… Not the bad joke of Mexico…

  • corner-s

    remember a book call ‘experiencing architecture’? I am sure Bjarke has read the book for many times:)…

  • zigwin

    Hey! Where is the helmet Bjarke? Way to be political correct!

    • Nate

      Most Danes don’t use helmets. Many tend to view them as unnecessary because most drivers and bikers are used to being around and looking for bikes. Some even view requiring helmets for bicycles as a deterrent for people who might otherwise try riding.

  • corner-s

    He was speeding too!!!!

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  • rd

    I agree with internautas. This guy’s self-promotion is tiresome. Plus if he’s so proud of being danish, why does he need to do dutch architecture?

  • kamira

    Bjarke will get Pritzker soon,loving his works from very beggining!Fantastic work! Go ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!