DOGone House / archimania

© Chad Mellon Photography

Architects: archimania
Location: , TN,
Building area: 11.25 sf
Total cost: $1,554
Completion date: October 2009
Photography: Chad Mellon Photography

© Chad Mellon Photography

To design a dog house for a rescue charity event based upon a conceptual idea, constructed of durable materials, and to serve as an aesthetic attribute to the back yard.

© Chad Mellon Photography

Concept. The idea for the house originated with a matchbox. Like the matchbox, it is constructed of two components: Outer Wrapper + Inner Box. The wrapper serves as the protective skin while the inner box is more intimate, offering a softer atmosphere for the dog.

© Chad Mellon Photography

Realization. With any doghouse, cleanliness is always an issue. The matchbox concept allows the inner box to be slid from its outer wrapper and easily washed. Once dry, the box can be slid back into place and Fido can re-inhabit his house until the next cleaning.

© Chad Mellon Photography

Forming the outer wrapper is a single ¼” sheet of steel folded repeatedly to take on the profile of the typical gable-roofed doghouse. The steel wraps an inner box of stained wood while elevating it above the ground. Utilizing an automotive paint finish, the steel sheet protects from the elements while the wooden box offers a softer lining that permits the passage of breezes between its many slats. Rigid, industrial felt (1/2” thickness) cut to match the interior dimensions of the box can be installed in cooler temps and tied to the wooden frame, thus minimizing air infiltration. The highly reflective finish of the steel reflects sunlight and minimizes heat gain in warmer temps while also serving as a durable finish in need of only an occasional wax and buff.

© Chad Mellon Photography

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  • stilleto

    I might as well put my dog in a furnace.

  • jermu

    Ahhh, yes. Now, there are architects with their priorities in order.

  • rok

    1.500 dollars for this.. yey

  • Cindy FrewenWuellner

    clever. RT @rainsea: DOGone House / archimania #architecture (via @archdaily)

  • Elver Gun

    1,500.00 for the house? How much for the frikin´dog?
    This is really, really dumb!
    Let´s focus in architecture please!!!

  • Nicholas Patten

    DOGone House.

  • WPstudios

    RT @nicholaspatten DOGone House.

  • Spot Cool Stuff

    RT @mjpelement @archdaily – DOGone House / archimania #architecture (this is a great dog house-clean and cool)

  • yogesh r

    dog will bite you after opening the cover & this is too much expensive

  • flavio

    I think the house must be located in a shadow spot(and u´ll not have a baked dog.)…And It depends on the dog… My dog is a Shitzu and he likes his wooden house…I bought one, Mainly, because is winter in Brasil now and even my dog looks like a “fur coat” he suffers in the winter.(here is not too cold but not too warm). In this case, i just need to change the ceiling for the steel one, bacause the rest is pretty much the same for the one i bought… I like it very much!!!…May the owner of the project allow me to reproduce for my self??? (not for commercial purposes of course.)kkkkk….

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