Sustainable Cities / Vandkunsten

Check out this master plan video by Vandkunsten for designing sustainable cities.  Not only do we love the animation techniques, by the layers of information are presented in a clear manner.   Upon viewing the video, the zoning of public space, circulation routes, and green spaces are made evident while great glimpses of zoomed-in perspectives tie the ideas together.  The video depicts three different master plan ideas: reusing a shipyard in Sweden, redefining a recreational space in Denmark in an attempt to better integrate the area with the surroundings, and the renewal of a suburban city center in Denmark.  Enjoy!

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Sustainable Cities / Vandkunsten" 17 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    Sorry if I don’t speak English very well, I’m a french guy.

    I think we forget one things about utopian cities : we won’t build new cities completely. We have to work with urban chaos. We can’t demolish a city to rebuild an another, better, less expensive and more sustainable. As said Massimiliano Fuksas, the urban chaos is ‘sublime chaos’ and, another quote to support the first : ‘City architecture must touch, and not give a simple service for the body of the man.’ (John Ruskin) For instance, Brazilia is just a huge stupidity, because of this city isn’t touching. I respect hugely the work of Niemeyer, but I do not know if he thought about chance to meet another guy in the street because you get lost. I think it is a really important thing, it the charm of a city. ‘scuse me if I hurt someone but in US big cities, I think I won’t touch, maybe impressed by the height of sky-scrapers… A lot of architects and city planners forget the human and social nature of cities. Today, we have to don’t lost time, we can’t sit down a minute. There is not bench any more. There is not square where we can sit, speak with somebody without paying.

    My point is imagine utopian and sustainable cities isn’t productive for the world. I think (and I’m only 17 years old, so, you can criticize my view) sustainable cities have to be just an ideal, a direction for the spirit. All the architects who want to create new cities lost time. We have to improve existing cities. We have to give again a human nature to our cities. I don’t want cities become just a place to run and work.

    That’s all I want to say.

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      I agree with you :) And if anyone gets offended, they don’t know what making an argument means. I believe part of sustainability is improving and working with something that is already there. Building something totally new creates more waste in the end – depends on the project, whether something existed already on the site or not.
      And I suppose many people like to jog, but it’s not everyone’s favorite leisure activity. Sustainability also means providing solutions to the inhabitants of a space or area, in this case city; asking for their opinion on what they would like is also necessary I think.

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    Interesting and educational play between video media and diagrammatic sketches. Very innovative. Thank you Vandkunsten for taking the time to make this.

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    What a terrible production, so tacky and corny and ultimately the architecture displayed seems just a sad idealization of urban boredom.

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    who can tell me? what software they used to do that?

    photoshop? 3dmax? or others? thanks

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