The Peak Series / Visiondivision

90 m2 - exterior

Just in time for the summer, Visiondivison‘s new pre-fab housing series is geared toward accommodating summer time guests in a flexible, yet compact space.  Pyramidal in shape, the house features a playful facade that is climbable, affording each guest his own entrance hatch that can be reached from the outside.

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90 m2 - exterior/interior

Organized in three floors, the middle level – known as the “sleeping mezzanine” – is sandwiched between an open social first floor and the upper floor containing the bedroom and bath.

Mediterranean Vessel

The house, which will be available for order later this summer at Sommarnöjen, can be purchased in two different size: 45m2 and 90m2.  The smaller model contains one master bedroom and can accommodate 6 guest beds on the sleeping mezzanine, whereas the larger model can hold double the number of guests and the upper level features a large bathroom between two master bedrooms.

45m2 - axonometric view of the configurations of spaces

The architects see the housing model as being adaptable to a number of variables, such as size or place.  Although it will first be launch in Scandinavian countries, the line will  be modified for different countries, and will also be “adaptable upon request”, perhaps as a vessel or for a larger scale, such as a summer camp.

The peak as a summer camp edition

“This is a series of pre-fabricated summer houses that allows a great portion of social life on a relatively small space,” explained the creators.

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Carribean Vessel
Winter Cabin
Axonometric view of a custom made vessel
Cite: Cilento, Karen. "The Peak Series / Visiondivision" 14 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Roger

    Very innovative and rich project! It put a smile on my face!

  • Dynamic Family mom

    Very neat! Not sure how it would look in our neighbourhood but it looks great on a mountain top or by the beach.

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  • mighty moose


  • Socasoca

    An architectural gem! Fresh thinking!

  • mk1

    I’m a lawyer, and I think it’s brilliant!

  • zebrastripes

    I’m in love! Perfect for a social holiday

  • jibrur

    this is too damn good, it’s sooooo adaptable, whatever the environtment is…

  • Dariusz

    I love it.. great fun and simple concept. Way to go..small project- big idea!

  • ruben grieg

    desperate triangulation

  • John Parker

    superb, just superb

  • ygogolak

    how exactly do you get to the top in the winter cabin setting?

  • Thomas

    Ok, but ladders?? Your grandma has to go climbing ladders to go to the bathroom. No window on the sides on the first floor. If you orient the building with one of the windows directly facing the south, the other big window will face directly north, which isnt ideal if at least in the nordic countries.
    Cool concept though.

  • Sawla

    No way. house for killing people :D

  • archilocus

    Why do you need a triangular house to jump through the window ? It’s just a nice skin grater ! too steep to climb, and too shallow to jump and hope you won’t kill yourself landing on the roof…
    Otherwise it’s a nice and fun concept.

  • Henry

    I will buy one for sure!