OMA unveils new images for their New York residential tower

Remember the renderings from the mid-rise residential project by OMA in New York we posted a few days ago?

Well, sent us more renderings that show more on the structural facade and the amazing cantilever of this building. more images after the break.

Cite: Basulto, David. "OMA unveils new images for their New York residential tower" 17 Sep 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • MZ

    Dear People at Arch Daily,

    I really love your Blog. I do so because you have a stunning good coverage (high res images AND plans, sometimes even real construction details!) of mostly not-so-well-known everyday-heroes of architecture. It is truly inspiring to see buildings from elswhere as Peking or Dubai and from others as Zahahahadid or King Rem.

    I beg you: don´t bother to waste virtual space for renderings of starchitecture! There are other sites (e.g., etc.) who specialise in this. This is boulevard-press. Paparazzi-style celebrity-spotting. You don´t need this stuff, you can do much better.

  • Kwo

    what can i say? they did what every architect wants to do.

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  • Lite

    To archdaily guys.

    I read you blog everyday and would like to agree with MZ.
    keep going your own way …
    You guys rock

  • ADT

    this project is one of the few OMA’s building I like.
    good job…

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  • LLL

    To MZ and Lite:
    What’s the matter with you guys? This is an amazing work and deserves recognition. Why do you keep hating starchitects like hell? I mean, they do most of the pushing of architecture forward, right?

  • David Basulto

    LLL, I totally agree with you. This is something we haven’t seen before. OMA is really pushing architecture forward.

  • Mr James

    I think there is nothing against star-architects… the point is if this blog should publish them!

    Maybe the value of this blog resides in the strenght to ignore the eye candy architecture in benefit of the other 99% architecture.

  • David Basulto

    Mr James,

    Don’t worry. I hope you are enjoying our latest picks, interesting buildings from young fresh practices from around the world.

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  • scarpasez

    Rem may be a cynical a**hole with a suitcase full of ugly diagrams, nasty discourse, and awful buildings on the grandest scale…but sometimes his firm hits the ball so far out of the park all his other baggage becomes trivial. This building is exquisite.

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