Villa San Valentino / Architekt Stephen Unger

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Architects: Architekt Stephen Unger
Location: Merano, Alto Adige,
Architect in Charge: Stephan Unger
Assistant: Wolfgang Höllmüller
Site Manager: Martin Geier, Franz Derntl
Client: Dr.Erich Höller
Engineering: Gerhard Derntl
Project Area: 400 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Franz Derntl, Ann-Brigit Hiiller, Fokus Vinschgau, Fokus Etschtal, Ganther Stockklauser

Planning of a bi-familiar house on high architectonic level for the cohabitation of 3 generations with common spaces.

To create a monolithic house with common spaces, under whose roof two independent habitation units are unified.

plan 02
© Courtesy of Architekt Stephen Unger

Considering the orientation of the views.
The east-wing is looking towards Valle d’adige and the west-wing Val Venosta.

The form answers to the characteristics of local mountains and its three-dimensional facade to the path oft he sun. The windows and the shadings are positioned such way, that the energy balance is optimized and the panorama is introduced in picture frames.

© Courtesy of Architekt Stephen Unger

A modern house with a traditional dressing : The larch-wood shingle façade is representing the traditional craft of the Alps-region Upper Adige.

The chosen materials are typical for the place: marble of Lasa, porphyr, granite, wood of the larch and the oak.

section 02


  • The standards of “Casa Clima” under respecting the local climate conditions
  • The use of high quality materials with long duration
  • The characteristics of the landscape
  • The local traditions of craft and building typologies
  • The use of local recourses and natural materials
  • The use of renewable energies (groundwater, sun)
  • The personal needs and demands for the families
  • The orientation of the sun-path
  • The introduction of the landscape as panorama views
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    Not in Alto-Adige, the Project is in Meran, Süd-Tirol (english: Meran, South Tyrol)

  • FG

    I love the guy in shorts taking a shot of the window in the shot looking out the window.

    • ndmlosi

      the guy you’re referring to is the photographer; the shot is looking at the exterior. it’s funny either way though.

  • æon

    looks nice from afar

  • Gemma

    Love to see the use of traditional building techniques translated into modern architecture.

  • yimyim

    If you were serious about the environment, you wouldnt be building bi-family house…

  • njitarch

    I feel there is a great disconnect between the two facades. Greater attention could have been given to the transition of the cedar shake and white walls.

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  • Jakov

    The connection between basement and the rest of the house seems awkward and dishonest. Seems like you try to hide something but unsuccesfuly. Maybe if the construction was less by the book, the concept would turn out much true to itself. Pattern of the glass facades is much better on the sketch.