House Baetens / JagerJanssen architecten

Architect: JagerJanssen architecten BNA
Location: ELST,
Collaborators: Alex Jager, Rogier Janssen, Rob Bergervoet
Assistant: Marijn Boterman
Contractor: Bussman Bouw, Winterswijk
Built area: 220 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007
Photographs: Rene de Wit

Firm but Fair

concept axo

The intersection of a planned green strip and an existing avenue provide an architectural opportunity for this a two-storey dwelling. The first floor appears to be cumbersome and heavy materialised: dark bricks with continuous seams result in an abstract rugged character. The second floor will be a wooden shaft: lighter in colour, weight and design.

Open kitchen

The cooking ilse is lit by a translucent plane. The kitchen appliciances are integrated in the adjacent wall.

Plinth, Daylightstrip and Monolith

The plinth of the building is heavy, due to it’s wild bond masonry with retreating seams. A continuous daylightstrip separates the base from the monolithic trespa toploor.

Lineair staircase

Perpendicular to the groundloor central axis, a lineair staircase connects to the second loor . The orientation of the top loor vestibule is crosswise, thus maximizing the spatial perception of the dwelling. Ascending the staircase, one walks towards the light.

Cite: "House Baetens / JagerJanssen architecten" 15 Sep 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • J.E.N.

    Great! Can’t get enough of posts like this.

    I can’t get a grip of the section featuring the balcony. Would have choosen another kind of wood for the second floor.

    But it’s a really unusual and smart idea with the glass dividing the building.

  • sullka

    That’s a pretty strange bathroom in the seocnd floor, why separate the WC from the bathroom?, specially if you have so much space in it.

  • negin


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  • stefan (BS-Archi.)

    I like the whole project! the bathroom question is not given, it is quite nice to have it seperatet!


  • otis

    if you kept with the brick instead of going to wood on the exterior then maybe we could talk.

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    Hello Way cool stuff, will have to try it. Just wanted to let you know, the link does not work. Can you fix it please? Thanks again for sharing this up. I certainly loved every bit of it.

  • morteza

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