House Dijk / Jager Janssen architecten

A nice house with a skin. You can also see it on 3D over Google Maps.

Architect: Jager Janssen architecten BNA
Design team: Alex Jager, Rogier Janssen, Sanne Braakenburg
Location: Blauwestad, Netherlands
Client: Michel Dijk & Karin Berrelkamp
Gross area: 318 sqm (incl. souterrain)
Completion: July 2007
Consultants: Solke Abbring (installations)
Contractor: Marcel van der Sluis
Photography: Rob de Jong/SAPh, Michiel en karin Dijk

House Dijk – Make Room!

The facades and the roof of this dwelling comprise one entity. The skin, consisting of anthracite-coloured corrugated sheets, is open in strategic places in order to let the environment in. Maximizing this effect, the entire dwelling is positioned one meter above ground level, resulting on a spacious lower ground floor.

The exterior of the dwelling looks rather solid and closed. The interior experience is one of beautiful spatial impressions.

A smart system based on just a few composition rules creates a seemingly irregular pattern of wooden boards.

Cite: "House Dijk / Jager Janssen architecten" 09 Sep 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Scledon

    I don´t know, this building is boring….Typical…

  • tyler

    I really like it!
    Remember that typical is not the same as simple

  • VM

    I like it too… it’s not for everyone but I like the use of those windows and the 2 doors on opposite sides.

  • Lars

    One bathroom?!

  • Musser

    It’s so Dutch… and I mean that entirely in a positive way.

    • fmH

      I agree…
      I like it… very nice…
      btw simple doesn’t necessarily mean bad…

  • koos

    It is simple without being boxy. If I were to live in such a house, I would worry that I wouldn’t be able to get very close to the second story windows to look out, though if you want to look out you have that whole wrap around porch.

    @Lars: It’s 1.5 bath, it has the traditional bathroom near the entrance on the ground floor.

    Dit is heel leuk.

  • arquifarandula

    It remembers me the Herzog & meuron house, of course some things are diferrent, but its that retro – modern kind of stuff.

  • sullka

    It looks cool, but it’s nothing new, Ive seen the exact type of house like 12 times in the last 3 months, they’re everywhere.

    The only critic, or question, is why do they isolate so much from the surroundings?, there’s almost no views from the inside, it would have been nice to make the recessed entrance corner wall, in glass, instead of wood. Enjoy the views!


    LOV IT!

  • erik

    het bewijs dat je met ‘golfplaten’ een nette woning kunt bouwen. praktisch want weinig onderhoud. voordelig. ik hou hier wel van.


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  • JGJ

    I like it. I’ve never seen that style of corrugated metal before. Anyone know what it’s called or where I can get it? I’ve checked the local metal roofing companies an no such luck.

  • Tienie van Rooyen

    I dig the simplicity of the design…