Biotehniska Fakulteta / Arhitektura Krušec

© Miran Kambič

Architects: Arhitektura Krusec
Location: Ljubljana,
Directors in Charge: Lena Krušec, Tomaž Krušec and Vid Kurinčič
Collaborators: Vanja Milosavljevič , Jan Šavli, Domen Fučka , Tina Mikulič, Jurij Nemec , Nina Polajnar, Miha Prosen
Investor: University of Ljubljana and Biotechnical Faculty
Project Area: 2,700 sqm
Design Year: 2007-2008
Construction Year: 2009–2010
Photographs: Miran Kambič

The building is constructed within a large area in which various buildings of the Biotechnical Faculty are positioned as pavilions among groves of fruit trees. The building is a functional and conceptual continuation of the existing faculty complex.

It houses a large representative lecture hall, the dean’s office and central library.

plan 01

In spite of the poor construction state of the existing building, it is the only context of design and organization the new building design could relate to.

In accordance with the above, all communication passages in the new building are connected to hallways in the existing building.

© Miran Kambič

The main entrance is designed from the western side, combining with the existing building entrance to create a large entry platform with benches. The entry platform serves to functionally and perceptively combine two dislocated entries into a unified whole.

The connection to the existing building is also obvious at the level of façade design, as it resumes the composition scheme of the existing building. The façade dynamics reflect the functional layout of internal premises and load bearing construction.

© Miran Kambič

The library, acting as the “house of learning” is symbolically placed above the main entrance. As the sanctuary of all written knowledge of the faculty, the library has a dominant position both in the direction of the main entrance and in the direction of the main hall.

Special attention is paid to orientation of the halls that never end as “blind alleys”. They are rather closed by glass walls that allow users a view into the surroundings.

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  • a2sm

    emerging architects! looks and feels very nice.

    • ADO LT

      I totally agree. Very nice.

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  • Theo Jones

    I like the ceiling lighting, anyone have details on what they are?

    • elgoyo

      in the section you can see that they are skylights, the cylinder look as if its made of some sort of translucid plastic

  • eduardo

    full of good taste.

  • shetu

    bold & sophisticated

  • tiktak

    dull & prosaic

  • ALDO

    Just beautifull… excellent.

  • knight

    boooring, seen before 100 times

    • T

      Not everything has to be thrillingly exciting all the time. Many clients without mega-budgets needs ordinary, well excecuted, comfortable buildings. This is such a building – why not appreciate it for that? Your comment is typical of an Archdaily saturated mindset – actually, you are pretty damn boring… and actually we’ve all heard comments like yours a 100 times…. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring

      • Rasko

        Yeah true but all buildings doesnt have to be published…either archdaily is filtering somehow the
        incoming information or should publish all contemporary buildings(bad, good, boring, ugly etc.).

        And its not about subjectivity(if one building is good according to my taste and cultural background). If one building is almost similar with one other that was published in the recent past i don’t think both deserve publishing…its simple as that.

      • Losos

        Or would you rather see a new bombastic building, built in the accordance with the new formalistic teachings on wich in 20 years on we will look upon as we do today on postmodernism? Humble and contextual architecture always prevails.

  • tiktak

    khm… this is not humble and contextual architecture at all. it is just the opposite; formalistic & pretense

  • spark

    you are so smart guys! try to build something architectual in slovenija, its almost imposible! and this project 4 example was honourd with the slovenien pitzker price:)

    soooo, schhhhhhhhhhhhh:P

  • Banc

    Having been to Slovenia recently, I’m really excited about the future of Architecture there… there seems to be a lot of quality building, this scheme being an example of it. It has the guts to pare the scheme down to it’s essential parti.