Shanghai 2010: The Pavilions


Back on March we featured a fantastic set of photos of the pavilions for Shanghai World Expo 2010 almost finished. Now, with only three days left for the grand opening to the public, the pavilions seem to be ready for the more than 70 million people expected to visit the Expo between April 30 and October 31.

Chaz Hutton shared with us through Flickr his amazing photos of the pavilions. You can check them all after the break. And remember you can see every pavilion we’ve featured right here.

¿Which one’s your favorite?

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Shanghai 2010: The Pavilions" 27 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    Where’s the Portuguese Pavilion?
    I’m glad that you still do not have posted the Portugual pavilion yet.
    It does not honor our country nor our architects.
    this is what it gives to deliver the project to a Portuguese architect that practices architecture in Macao (all of them suck!).
    The pavilion of Macao for example, the rabbit remember!? also was designed by a Portuguese architect that practices architecture in Macao and the author of the current Portugal pavilion was third in the competition, so imagine his quality as an architect.
    To know what I mean you can see the images of the Portugal pavilion below, because here is not even in the official site.

    Oh! and this is the second proposal to be made, because the first one was even more horrible. LOL

    I apologize for all the portuguese architects.

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    north korea and iran are really pushing the boundaries of the space time continuum. best of show for sure.

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      it’s like they have a handbook about what architecture will look like 50 years from now! The U.S. design is pretty forward thinking too, really pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be.


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    looking for the other pavilions the brazilian pavilion is not so far from the other designers. It wasn´t the worst pavilion.

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    luxemburg an UK, I think… UK is the step for future, image of the house built not from solid materials, but house built from the image of the house…

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    UK tops the ranking, no doubt about it…
    Although there should be a pavilion designed by BIG, in renders looked quite promising!

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    it has been said, and it will be said again. this is an exercise in wasted resources and horrible timing. when the only merits of buildings are aesthetic, we’re in trouble.

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    I’m loving north koreas and irans. I also love the fact that they are put next to each other, I think they complement each other very well.

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    I found the Israel pavilion very interesting in terms of architecture and spirituality. But the U.K. is out of this world. So it does not count:)

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