DL House / Camilo Restrepo

Architect: Camilo Restrepo Arquitectos
Location: Madellin,
Collaborators: Juliana Montoya, Lucio Luque, Diana Rodriguez, Jorge Buitrago
Constructed Area: 700 sqm
Contractor: Juan Carlos Tabares, German Zapata, Juan Gonzalo Sanin
Project year: 2006
Construction year: 2008
Photographs: Camilo Restrepo

7 considerations for a house on the andes tropic

1. on the placement

The house swims through the lot, generating its own space between the trees – without cutting down any. The geometry of the house adapts to the geometry of the space between the trees.

2. on the section

The space is generated after a series of variable sections. This sections are configurated on the following incremental rule: If there´s a tree, the roof folds. This way, it generates several living spaces.

3. on the material

the materials: “San Buenaventura” black and “Pino Patula inmunizado” wood transfer the properties of the surrounding trunks into the material configuration of the house.

general plan

4. on the program

The program and the requirements of its inhabitants are distributed among 4 volumes. Each one builds its own landscape, giving autonomy and freedom to each and one of them.

Module 1. Garage, dining room, kitchen, services.
Module 2. Terrace and saloon.
Module 3. Kid´s rooms
Module 4. Main room and studio.

5. on the phenomenons???

The house generates phenomenons: makes visible the shadow, the reflections, the temperature and the atmosphere over the glass, stone and wood surfaces.

6. on the order

The surface of the house is organized around two stripes. One, on the outside, manages the opening landscape to the trees through variable sections. The other, to the inside, acts as a light, temperature and views filter.

7. on the domestic architecture

The house is a system of perceptions and exchange.

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  • http://architekturblog.wordpress.com/ evap

    on the first sight the terrace in front is public but the pillars seem to build an invisible wall for private and has the same connect to nature like the facade of stone and wood . very special!