The Hollywood Sign Hotel

Every now and then, we find some crazy ideas around the web. What about this one?  Christian Bay – Jørgensen, owner of Bay Arch, has an idea to turn the famous into an hotel. This could solve the money/land issues that have been sorrounding the sign lately. The plan calls for the famous letters to be enlarged to double the size, building them out from the back, allowing guests to stay inside the itself.

Seen at Slashfilm. More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "The Hollywood Sign Hotel" 15 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    not a bad idea!
    but I’d like to see a night render. I reckon the hotel lights would compete with the sign illumination.

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    Yeah, Lucas makes a really good point. In order to solve that they would either need to re-program, or put louvers over the windows in-between the letters to block the light at night.

    This project would undoubtedly include an over-abundance of color changing LED’s right?

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    You’ll NEVER see an LA-based firm do something like this. It’s very dangerous for a people to alter landmarks that are foreign to them. The Hollywood sign means a great deal to a lot of people. This would be a crime… ugh.

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    IMO, what gives the Hollywood sign real character is the way the letters respond to the topography. Each letter adjusted fore and aft…as well as up and down…giving ‘Hollywood’ its familiar undulation. Maybe that motion would add to this design too. Otherwise, as an idea…I think this is really cool :)

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    Mike: maybe they should build it elsewhere. Using the city names: “CLEVELAND”, “DODGE CITY”, whereever. Problematic is that the letters block the million dollar view, duh.

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    Actually this is a good idea.

    This is where Danish architecture meets with Californian Post-Modernism.

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    It’s a nice idea, but the design is weak. @ Mike: The hollywood sign has changed/been rebuilt several times since it was first created. What matters is the idea, not the physical letters themselves. It would be cool to see the design refined.

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    that is something that would be soooooo hollywood so lots of people would pay to sleep there what im wondering is what would be next sleeping between the legs of the statue of liberty???

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    I think its an interesting Idea but the terrain is going to be a problem and the size seems a bit to much but I guess its very representative of how extravagant Hollywood is

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    Wow… this is crazy! But somehow interesting… I like the idea, would like to see more design solutions.

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    Of course, this is idea has greate profit potential. But it is not architecture, indeed. The architecture is the environment first of all, and after buildings, glamorous interiors and so… It is perfect time for just merred, spend first night there. However, no new structure ideas, no new image ideas… Nothing interesting exept of place behind huge letters.

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    Kind of looks silly compared to Hollyscape by Architecture – Urbanism. This design laks the soul that A-U put into it.

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      liked the one above, the idea was great.

      but the idea from the link is better.

      Just my opinion.

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    you’ve gotta admit, love it or hate it, people from all around the world would scrape the barrel to stay inside the hollywood sign, it’s making one of the most famous american landmark even more of a tourist attraction, and with that brings a lot of money, which is a main concern for the sign at the moment, so i reckon this ticks all the boxes, love it or hate it…

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